Le Portrait de Petit Cossette

Le Portrait de Petit Cossette

Alternative titles:
コゼットの肖像 (Japanese)
Cossette no Shouzou (Romaji)
Le Portrait de Petit Cossette (French)
Petit Cossette

Other Information:
Genres: drama, horror, psychological, romance, supernatural
Themes: ghosts, gothic

Plot Summary:
Eiri works at his uncle’s antique shop, and one day stumbles across a glass. Upon touching the glass, he receives visions from what he finds out to be a girl, Cossette, haunting the glass. She’s been searching for over 250 years for someone who could see her, and now she needs his help.

This anime had been i=on my mind for a long long time. I’d read a lot of synopsis and I was thinking that it would be a good anime. It was. But not the way I expected it to be. What I thought was, the protagonist, Eiri, would try to find the objects connected to Cossete’s death and that would be free her. Frankly, I don’t know if it’s a good thing that it’s not the way I imagine it. Anyway, i like it but I it felt weird when it was fantasy-like rather than supernatural. What I mean is, there were parts like this:
Cossette Screenshot 2

I hope you get what I mean.

So, for the story, I think that it’s good. The main story is about finding true love that will save herself. But I just think that it’s kinda stupid how the “things” that was present during that time are harboring a grudge against the guy. I mean, come on! That’s crossing the line of fiction. So, Cossette is going to have Eiri killed just so the “things” wil have peace. Duh. She’s the one who needs peace not those “things.” As for the characters, Cossette is literally little. She looks like a 12 or 11 year old for F’s sake! That’s so lolita! And Eiri is neurotic. The girl who likes him is nosy. Arg. What I do like about the characters and the story is that Cossette fell in love with him and wanted things to stop.

In the anime, almost every scene is dark and gloomy, it’s also made in silhouette-style. The setting is either his antique shop or some random street. Not that I mind.  I also don’t mind the fact that a lot of things aren’t explained and that no development where made whatsoever. And if there was, well, it was so little. And seriously, it was a good anime worth watching. Something’s not right though. i just don’t know what.

Score: Story- 8 Characters- 7 OST- 7 Anime- 8
Over all: 7.5 or just simply 8.

Recommended if you like supernatural and fantasy with drama and if you don’t mind cliffhangers.