They Kiss Again Sequel- Precious Kiss

Wow! Started with a Kiss must have really blew the world! They are making a third series!! Isn’t that just great!? Anyway. it’s been confirmed in Wikipedia that there will be a sequel!

Here’s the article:
Sequel Qu You Ning, the director of the TV Series, quitted Extravagant Challenge, to start making the sequel of They Kiss Again, It Started With A Kiss 3. It is actually the first time of making 3 seasons for a TV series in Taiwan. The taping will start on November 2009.
I can’t wait!

It Started with a Kiss 2: They Kiss Again!

They Kiss Again...

They Kiss Again...

Alternative Title
Chinese: 惡作劇2 / 恶作剧2 / E Zuo Ju 2 Wen
Synonym: It Started with a Kiss 2, TKA

Other Information
Genre: Romance / Comedy
Broadcast network: CTV / GTV
Episodes: 20
Opening theme song: Xing Fu He Zuo She by Mavis Fan
Ending theme song: Ni by Ariel Lin

The sequel of It Started With A Kiss begins with Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu’s wedding and honeymoon. Even after marriage, they experience problems and interferences within their marriage such as mistaken pregnancy, misunderstandings, and new found jealousies. Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu switch to medical school to become nurse and doctor. During that time, Zhi Shu meets new rivals who wish to outdo him and Xiang Qin makes four new friends, and one of them likes her and wishes to replace Zhi Shu.

How will their lives turn out to be?

Ariel Lin as Yuan Xiang Qin
Joe Cheng as Jiang Zhi Shu
Jiro Wang as Jin Yuan Feng/ Ah Jin

I started watching this last year, but I had to stop because I can’t  bear to watch Xiang Qin, as she makes a fool of herself again. And though I love Joe Cheng, I really hate him for being so mean to Xiang Qin. She’s a really lovable girl and often, I wish she would find someone who really deserves her. But when Zhi Shu becomes sweet and romantic, God. I melt. Then I start thinking, Joe Cheng is so hot and I think Xiang Qin can’t find any other guy like him.

Going to the review, the opening song wasn’t as catchy as the first one. In fact, all the songs in the series were not as beautiful and catchy like the first ones- Practical Joke, Say You Love Me and others.

The story, on the other hand, is still entertaining like last time. It’s still funny, sad, and exciting. Though, it’s also very sweet as you often see Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu together, cuddling and hugging. But then, there’s always a but, they still fight and Zhi Shu still makes Xiang Qin cry and was constantly man to her, even saying that she doesn’t want to register as a married couple. Ah Jin is still as pathetic, in a good way, as ever. But his exposure is not that often and his character development became slow. Yushu, Zhi Shu’s brother was also not as cute as before. He’s grown up now and he’s not as naughty and snobbish which made me sad. The in-laws on the other hand, were still as annoying and naggy as ever.

The actors are still as good as ever. Joe Cheng still maintaining his cool and hard to approach image perfectly, Ariel Lin still making me cry when she does and well, Ah Jin still making me feel really depressed when he is.

Over all, the second installation of It Started with a Kiss, though a little bit inferior to the first one, its still worthy of being a sequel. It’s a must watch!