Sensual Phrase

Sensual Phrase- Λucifer

To be honest, I wasn’t really excited with this series. It’s obviously smut and I don’t think I can actually read it. But one day, after I got home from the manga sale, I just sad down on my sister’s bed and took all the volumes we had and looked through it. It was pretty good actually. Enjoyable is the right word, I think.

The story isn’t actually original. The main story is basically about a twisted guy turned hot vocalist who fell in love with ordinary girl and blah blah blah. As for the side stories, well, they’re really quite simple to be not original. The development of the characters is so-so. No one stood out or showed potential for something great. They’re all okay but not great.

Saying all that, it’s still quite enjoyable. The plot isn’t really overused and who wouldn’t want a manga about four hotties?! Right? So, anyway, if you aren’t looking for something inspiring or just incredibly great, don’t miss out on this one. I mean, even with all the smut scenes, I still read all of it (from vol 4-18) in one sitting for 2-3 hours.

Check it out! :]