Blood C

Tsk. Here I thought I found gold when I saw this manga. It’s great that there’s another Blood Franchise but the main character is too contradictory and the story is too fragmented. It doesn’t flow smoothly, like it’s different incidents forced to be one anime. There’s also this structure: cafe, filler story with her friends, talk with papa, kill monsters (not chiroptera but freaky evangelion like monsters). And like ┬ásaid, I don’t like the protagonist, she’s clumsy yet super good at killing things, she’s a goody two shoes who helps and does good stuff that makes her late but when a person was gonna be devoured by the monster (and while it’s happening) she was just standing there waiting for it to be finished. The other characters are also cliched and shallow. Ugh. But I’ll watch it until the bitter end because I was told it will eventually get better. EVENTUALLY.