Tomorrow: X




Alternative Title: X 1999

Genres: drama, fantasy, horror, psychological, supernatural

Themes: Bishounen, Post-Apocalyptic

Plot Summary:

It’s the year of destiny, and 15 year old Kamui Shiro, a powerful psychic, has returned to Toyko after a 6 year absence, having left when he was very young. He wants to be with his childhood friends, Fuma (his best friend) and Kotori, Fuma’s little sister (and Kamui’s possible girlfriend). He wants to protect them from all dangers, but destiny and fate are haunting Kamui and pulling in himself and his beloved childhood friends. It is his destiny and his sole decision to decide the fate of the world, no matter if he wants the role or not. Now it is a matter of if he will join the side of the Seven Seals and become the Dragon of Heaven to save mankind or join the Seven Angels and become the Dragon of Earth to destroy all civilization so the earth can heal itself from man’s destruction.


The fight for Earth or Humanity’s survival. Who will triumph the Dragon of Earth or the Dragon of Heaven? Or maybe, the question should be… Who should win?

The movie is the retelling of the TV series with different twists and some different scenes. It started with Kamui’s arrival and ended with Fuma’s death…

Yes, unlike the TV series, X The Movie ended with Kamui still alive and Fuma decapitated. This is only one of the many twists the movie offers. But even with the good story line, the movie is lacking character development. If you watch it without watching the series or knowing any background knowledge about the characters, you’d be surprised with their appearances and disappearance. In the movie, some characters like the dream seer of the Dragons of Earth, Kanoue has been given more depth as a character than in the series as her love for her sister was more explored. Aside from the character development, the story development is also lacking. The twist are good, the pace isn’t.

It would be great if they would combine both the stories in the series and the movie with a different ending than the first two.

What annoyed me the most is the fact that in the movie, Kamui had not awoken as one of the Dragons of Heaven. While Fuma, like in the series, awoken just after Kamui chose. In the series, it was suggested that he did awaken but only when he was about to die. Now, who would want that?

For the art, it’s okay but CLAMP’s drawing now is better.

Over all the movie is not the best nor is it the worst. Score: 7/10 with the story having a 8/10; the art 7/10 and the character 6/10.


Why do people like making stories about their own extinction and deaths? Is it because deep down we want to perish and start anew? Or maybe we feel so disgusted of ourselves that we want to ease this feeling even with only a dream? Or maybe we just like killing people?

If X ever came true, what would we choose as our future? What will tomorrow be like?