When writing this particular entry, I had to press delete a lot of times. I just usually know what I want to say. But, just right now, I don’t know what it is I want to say or maybe how to say it. The first parts may be boring, but hear me out.

Philippines were colonized by Spaniards and Americans. The first for 300 years, the latter for 48 years. And lastly, Japan, during the Great Depression

Philippines’ history is about being colonized by 3 Great Nations for more than 420 years. For 377 years Spain colonized us and changed our way of living. Then came America, with their twisted “freedom views” and then came Japan. Who brought horror and death to many people. It was after the Great Depression and Japan was doing something with their Greater-something-something-axis-Asia of theirs.

Now, going back to what this is really about, I love Japan. Despite the fact that they were the cause of homosexuality in the Philippines. I swear!! Before they arrived everybody was all manly and girl-loving, then came the Japanese and raped some Filipino guys who looks handsome and poof! There, years later, Welcome Gays! Or should I say transvestite?!

Right now, you’re probably wondering what the hell this is al about so, straight to the point, I was watching Jun Matsumoto’s new drama called Smile. I was surprised to know that we, Filipinos, are being discriminated. I never thought such a thing existed. DISCRIMINATION AND RACISM against Filipinos. That really disappointed me. To think that I wanted to ive in Japan for the rest of my life. I’m disappointed in myself.

I hate how people are racist based on looks and color. It’s irritating and it’s killing me. If I would spend my whole life somewhere where would I stay? This world is too judgemental.

ANyway, this is just about me ranting about the fact that I hate discrimination and I loved Japan, but I’m so disappointed only Anime and Manga are keeping me connected to it.
I am so gonna change this whole article next time. It’s lame.