Tomorrow: Ultra Maniac OVA

Ultra Maniac

Ultra Maniac

Information from Anime News Newtwork:

Alternative title: ウルトラマニアック (Japanese)
Genres: comedy, magic, romance
Themes: Sport
Plot Summary:

High school student and girls’ tennis club leader Ayu Tateishi bumps into transfer student Nina Sakura, who is crying apparently because she has lost something. Later on, Ayu finds a pink electronic device and gives it to Nina. As a reward for finding her item, Nina reveals to Ayu that she is a witch in training and she offers to cast her a spell to help her win in a tennis game against the boys’ club. Unfortunately, the spell doesn’t enhance Ayu’s abilities; instead, it turns her into a boy.


The story is just like the TV series and covers the start of Volume 1. It served as an introduction to the TV series. Anyway, nothing to say much in the story. Its okay. But I can’t really give it anything. As for the characters, well, Ayu was fully introduced. Nina a little. As for the two leading men, they were just extras. So, nothing much to say either.

I got something for the art though. It sucks! I mean the quality is bad. Understandable since it’s a little old but really. A 6/10 for the art. Take note- I’m generous. As for the seiyuu, well they suck too. I really want to kill the voice actor for Nina. Her voice is so annoying.

This is a very short review. Probably not worth of our time but ‘what the hell? ‘ I don’t have time to watch or read or remember, so please bear with this for now.


What if we all have magic?