Zac Efron is “King of Hollywood Live Actions” in the Making

Zac Efron, for those who don’t know, is one of the hottest guys in Hollywood right now. He starred at High School Musical‘s 3 movies, Hairspray and also 17 Again. And guess what? There are some talks about Death Note Live Action by Hollywood. And here, I found this really cute and funny picture of the Death Note Casts in a High School Musical Poster. Rumors says that Zac Efron expressed an interest on playing Kira. A website called Zac Efron is Kira, posted some really funny pics. BTW, it’s just a joke site.

Anyway, though it’s not confirmed if Zac Efron really wants to be Light my loves, it seems that Death Note Hollywood Live Action is real. This is an excerpt from Wikipedia.

Death Note has been optioned for a live-action Hollywood remake. A 2007 article in The Star (Malaysia) states that more than ten film companies in the United States expressed interest in creating a remake. Vertigo Entertainment is currently set to develop an American Death Note remake. In April 2009, it was announced that WB had acquired the rights to make a live-action version of the manga, and had hired Charley and Vlas Parlapanides to adapt the script. The new film will be based upon the original manga series rather than the existing live-action films.

Hmm… Zac=Kira?! Nuh-uh. Though I admit that Zac Efron is really handsome like Light my loves, he lacks the crazy and psychotic part of Kira. And come on, everybody knows that he doesn’t fit the role! So for the Hollywood producers… please. DON’T DESTROY MY TROY BOLTON IMAGE OF ZAC EFRON.

and ZAC. PLEASE. YOU KNOW THAT IT’S NOT FOR YOU. The STYLE IS FINE. JUST DON’T BE HIM. BTW again, this image is from Keisatsu.

Moving on, Zac Efron seemed to have realized that being Kira is a no-no. But he still wants to be a Cosplayer, so now, he’s making a Full Metal Panic Live Action!

Zac in Full Metal

Zac in Full Metal

But then again, he’s not fit for the role. Sousuke is a tough character. I can’t imagine Zac Efron doing anything than acting in movies with singing, dancing and basketball. So no way. Please, stop it. Just look at this pic. Can you see how different they are?

Zac as Sousuke

Again, it seems that he heard my prayers even before I said it. This is from Wikipedia.

In April 2009, a live action film adaptation was announced by Mandalay Pictures, with Zac Efron rumored to be attached to the project. Efron has since confirmed a meeting took place regarding the project but added that the adaption was not likely to happen.

Hmm… I think I said in one of my posts that I love Live Actions, but PLEASE HOLLYWOOD. FIND YOUR OWN F****ING STORY! Come on! Leave the anime and manga alone! I mean, I’m sure many will agree, Hollywood has a weird way of making movies. And ZAC EFRON IS NOT FIT FOR THOSE ROLES. I’m not saying he’s not a good actor. BUT PLEASE. CAN ANYBODY IMAGINE HIM OTHER THAN DANCING, SINGING AND PLAYING BASKETBALL? I’M SURE NO ONE CAN.