Tomorrow: Gals



Information from Anime News Network and Manga Fox:

Genres: comedy, slice of life, school life, shoujo
Manga-ka: Fujii Mihona
Plot Summary:

A friendly gang of three high school girls, led by Ran Kotobuki, a daughter from a family of police officers whom wants nothing to do with the “family business”, in the fashionable Tokyo ward of Shibuya loves shopping, music, clothes, make-up, dance-related video games, and boys. They also often find themselves solving crises amongst their schoolmates.


Story. 8/10. At first look, the story might not be that interesting. Just a typical friendship thing. And it’s true. So if you don’t like manga with friendship and love as themes, then better skip on to the next one… BUT you’ll be missing out! This series is really funny and entertaining. It’s not that different from other shoujo manga but it’s worth your time.

Characters. 8/10. I love all of them! Each of them has a story of their own. The two main ones were bad girls at first, stealing, prostituting… but with Ran being their friend, they’ve changed. The other two main guys are lovable as well.

Art. 7.5/10 Well, the anime is better. Ran look too matured in the manga. And the others are better looking in the anime.

I know it’s short. Sorry! I’m so eager to finish it!


Having your own place to rule… cool, aye?

Wouldn’t it be so cool to have a place where everybody knows you and fear you? If I’m given a chance in the future, I would gladly accept!