Tomorrow: Hotel




Volume: 1
Chapter: 1
Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama
Author: Boichi


In the year 2272 A.D. Mankind is extinct. A computer continues to live on in order to complete a mission in a world where all life has gone extinct. This is a record of those 27 million years of its heroic struggle. (via MyAnimeList)


Standing all alone, protecting its ‘clients,’ stood a hotel.

Hotel is a one shot manga showing the life of a computer inside a ‘hotel’ full of DNAs. It’s been existing for 27 million years, just protecting the life the future will have. What’s really unforgettable here is the fact that the computer is like a human with feelings. Its way of narrating is like that of a human. It would be nice if there really will be a computer like this but if that happens, What’s stopping God from taking all humans and replacing them with computers?

As I was reading the manga, I felt sad every time the computer, Louis talks about years as if it’s just hours. How sad would that be, if it’s a human? Anyway, what I really like about the manga is that in the end, his suffering wasn’t in vain. The Earth started to heal and maybe… just maybe, the future humans will learn from the mistakes humans are making now.


What if we really disappear?

It would be so sad waking up tomorrow then knowing that you would die soon and everything your doing now won’t be for you. Even though society tells us that the right thing to do is help preserve the future, it would be hard. You know it won’t be about you… why do it?