Tomorrow: One Thousand and One Nights

One Thousand and One Nights

One Thousand and One Nights

Information from Manga Fox and Anime News Network:

Alternative Name(s): 천일야화 (Korean)
1001 Nights
Las Mil y una Noches
Author(s): Jun Jin Suk
Artist(s): Han Seung-Hee
Genre(s): drama, historical, shoujo, shounen ai
Plot Summary:

Everyone knows the story of Shahrazad and her wonderful tales in the Arabian Nights. For one thousand and one nights, the stories that she created entertained the mad Sultan and eventually saved her life. In this version, our Shahrazad is a guy who wanted to save his sister from the mad Sultan by disguising himself as a woman. When he puts his life on the line, what kind of strange and wacky stories would he tell.


Will you betray me too?

1001 nights is definitely one of the best manhwas ever.

Starting with the story, I think many people already heard of the stories from the original 1001 nights, they were good, very entertaining. But I guarantee you, the manhwa’s twists made it brilliant. Though almost all the stories in the manga ended in death, (I can’t say all coz I haven’t read all of it yet) and I really struggled to continue reading it, I am so glad I did. The manhwas just gave the stories a new identity. Also, it questions the different kinds of love that leads to sacrifices and sorrow.

For the characters, since each chapter/volume has different stories, the main characters’ character development is lacking. I don’t mind it much though. Because in between each story, Shahrazad guy version (I forgot his name!) and the Sultan’s story are slowly developing. But still… the others? Not so much.

As for the art, though I still prefer manga style drawings, the drawing in this manhwa is absolutely great! Well, that concludes my very short review!

Sometimes, trying to protect someone only hurts them more.

Don’t you think my statement is so true? Why, some people let themselves do thing they don’t want to do just coz they want the person they love to be happy. What they don’t know or what they won’t stop to notice, is that it just hurts those people more.

What if tomorrow they disappear? Leave and be gone forever? And in trying to protect them you just drove them away?