Only The Ring Finger Knows

Only The Ring Finger Knows
Only The Ring Finger Knows


At Wataru Fujii’s high school, it’s all the rage to wear paired rings with the girl you love. Wataru wears one though he is single, and one day inadvertently discovers that his ring pairs up with that of tall, handsome, and smart Yuichi Kazuki, the senior class man idolized by the entire school. Though Kazuki has a reputation for being kind to all, when dealing with Wataru, he is strangely harsh. Their paired rings somehow draw them together and the two alternately clash and attract, as they must sort out their budding feelings for each other.
Before leaving the Philippines “forever,” I bought one last Otakuzine Mag I will ever own. It’s the May issue. I was browsing it during our stay in Hong Kong and if I remember correctly, I was always skipping the manga part coz the title  is not really that appealing. Come on, anybody here would agree that Only The Ring Finger Knows is not a good title. Anyway, when I was reading through it, I notice the two main character’s very handsome faces. And yes. That’s what made me read this manga.

OTRFK is my first ever Shounen Ai manga ever. And, if not because of it, I wouldn’t get hooked into reading manga about BL.

STORY. Unique, original, funny, heartwarming and short. That’s to summarize all. And WAIT! I have to say, it makes you feel LOVE GIDDY! Yes! I now know how to describe KILIG in English Terms that Westerns can really understand! Yay for me! Anyway, going back…

Some may say it’s plot is common. A popular person in love with an ordinary one. Also, being mean to the person to the person you really like is common. But by varying the happenings and some of the characteristics or personality of each character, the  manga created it’s own identity.

I can’t fully describe what I saw in this manga. But I think the best english adjective is PURE. Their love is like a stainless  white cloth. I’m not sure if you’ll see it the same way, but it’s how I saw it. And it’s just like the stories about first love. Except that it’s not first love here, but still.

Score: 9/10

CHARACTERS. I like how the popular guy, Kazuki, was really famous but he’s not being hated. And how, Wataru, is also popular himself but it’s not really that obvious because of Kazuki’s perfection. It’s also entertaining to see the different expressions of Kazuki. Wataru’s less-than-one-day-weight-gain theory is definitely funny. I love the characters even though they are not that different from the other characters I read about. Because just like the story, there’s something they have that the others didn’t/don’t have. And it made them unique.

Score: 8/10

ART. The art is what made me read this so, of course I love it! The art is very beautiful. That’s al I can say.

Score: 8.5/10

OVER ALL: 9/10. If you’re just starting with BL manga then this manga is recommended. It’ll get you hook.