Tomorrow: Dear Myself

Dear Myself

Dear Myself

Information from Anime News Network and Manga Fox:

Author: Eiki Eiki
Genres: romance, drama
Themes: yaoi

Plot Summary:

One day Hirofumi wakes upp and finds that he doesn’t remember the last two years of his life. He had been in an accident and doctors said that upon regaining his old memories he could loose the ones he’s gotten since after the accident. So during the two years he can’t remember he has written to himself, the him that can’t remember the person close to him.


Will you love me again?

This review is from my old site: Meine Liebe (
What I hate about this manga is it’s too short. I wish it has 5 volumes or something. I like the concept of the story, even the drawings are good. I just wish I can find a site with its sequel, World’s end. Well that’s all I can say. If I remember something else I’ll update this…
I like that Hirofumi, the new one, prepared for his ‘sinking to oblivion and maybe never surfacing again’. He even made a letter and have a diary. I think he really loves Daigo-kun. It made me sad when he cried when he and Daigo were making love for the first time. Daigo was calling Akihiko’s name and once, he was shown looking at Akihiko’s picture while waiting for Hirofumi. And he’s so in love with Hirofumi?!? WTH? The My-Heart-Hurts-Thing is too cheesy for me though. I mean your heart is hearting like crazy because of love? Uh-huh.. whatever. I hope Daigo would stop being possessive though. He’s like a child.
The art is okay, sometimes off but often really good. The story is original and sad. Over all I think it’s good. Try it.

I think that pretty much summed up everything I felt about the manga… or maybe not. But for now, it’s enough.

Scores: Story- 8/10; Characters- 7.5/10; Art- 8/10. Over all 7.8/10. Not bad.


So, will you?

When we forget, our feelings disappear too. I think that love really is everything we feel about a person. Be it pity, happiness, excitement… any positive or negative feeling. It’s love. It’s everything. There are just stages to it.

I wonder what will happen if tomorrow, I lose my memory? Would my story be like theirs?