Amai Kamiato

Amai Kamiato

Amai Kamiato


Ren is a “tame” vampire and currently spends his lifetime with a detective as blood donor while in return he helps her investigate at night. Then suddenly, the most unimaginable thing happens: Ren’s daughter Maia appears, but vampires can’t have children! He doesn’t want to at first but he accepted her and had come to love her.


The story began with the detective and Ren in a bed. Then the detective went out to sort something out. Ren was left at the house but went out coz of the blood. The smell was so strong he can’t help but follow it. The detective gave him blood again to calm him down. It seems that the murder incident was done to lure a vampire out.

Then Maia, Ren’s supposed to be daughter, arrived and forced herself to Ren. He kept rejecting her and only let her in coz of some guy next door who was preying on little Maia. So I forgot what happened next but I remember that they kind of went for a walk and then Ren gave Maia a piggy back ride but Maia fell asleep on his back. She won’t let go of him, whatever he does. So he slept with Maia. Even the detective is surprised. Then Ren let her stay with him. There’s a part that Maia is hungry and she almost drank some blood. To prevent this Ren dressed up in black and looked like a Matrix character and went out with Maia and bought food.

The last part was about Maia being kidnapped after school coz of Ren. The people who kidnapped her want to become a vampire. Ren explained that even if he bit them there is no guarantee that they will become a vampire or even… live. There is only one person destined to be the partner of a vampire. That person alone will live if he bit him/her. Then a flashback showed that many people already died. Presumably he bit the people he loved or love to have someone to live with for all eternity.

The jerks who still want to get bitten hurt little Maia. Then Ren became angry and beat the hell out of them.

Then they showed little Maia sleeping and then Ren saw a picture of him. Older than Maia’s mother. Then the revelation of Maia and Ren came. Maia’s mother told her that the person in the picture is her father and that the photo belonged to her grandmother or something. Ren admitted that he loved both her grandmother…or something and Maia’s mother. Maia then said that she loves him as well. There was a part in the manga where it is implied that the love of Maia’s grandma or great grandma and mom was passed on to her. It was this part. So basically it was about the sadness of living for eternity and being supposedly alone. It is also about Ren’s struggle to be a dad of a child that’s obviously not his, coz he can’t have a baby… It’s also about true love and definitely a new concept for the usual and typical forbidden love stories of vampires.


The STORY is good. Especially the part where it is implied that Maia is the reincarnation of her mother and her great grandmother(I’m not sure if Grandmother or Great-grandmother). Both fell in love with the vampire and it is obvious that even Maia will. So instead of the usual that vampires live alone or turn their love ones to the same creatures that they are, the author used reincarnation. Even if Maia died and leave Ren alone, she will live again and be with him. So it’s like grandma reincarnated to mother and mother to Maia. This is very sweet and original. I would normally wish for a one shot like this to become a series because of the good story but I think this manga being a one shot is just right. The flow of the story… Except maybe for the part that Maia was kidnapped because some guys wanted to be vampires… that was lame. Well, humans are lame sometimes. Score: 9/10

CHARACTERS. Not bad. Considering it’s a one shot, I feel okay with the character development. But what ever happened with Ren and the detective, I would never know. I guess. Anyway, score: 7/10

The ART is good. Not the best but still good. It was consistent throughout the whole manga so, yeah, score is: 8/10

OVER ALL, I ‘ll give it 8/10. Great story. Nice character and art.