Sensual Phrase

Sensual Phrase- Λucifer

To be honest, I wasn’t really excited with this series. It’s obviously smut and I don’t think I can actually read it. But one day, after I got home from the manga sale, I just sad down on my sister’s bed and took all the volumes we had and looked through it. It was pretty good actually. Enjoyable is the right word, I think.

The story isn’t actually original. The main story is basically about a twisted guy turned hot vocalist who fell in love with ordinary girl and blah blah blah. As for the side stories, well, they’re really quite simple to be not original. The development of the characters is so-so. No one stood out or showed potential for something great. They’re all okay but not great.

Saying all that, it’s still quite enjoyable. The plot isn’t really overused and who wouldn’t want a manga about four hotties?! Right? So, anyway, if you aren’t looking for something inspiring or just incredibly great, don’t miss out on this one. I mean, even with all the smut scenes, I still read all of it (from vol 4-18) in one sitting for 2-3 hours.

Check it out! :]



Devil’s Bride

Devil's Bride- The Devil and His 'Bride'

There’s a sale of manga in a bookstores I seldom go to, and i found this manhwa. I’m familiar with the title because of Boy Princess so I decided to buy it. What attracts me to this manhwa is that it has the same ‘vibe’ or ‘aura’ Boy Princess has. The same beautiful drawing and the same not-so-extraordinary-but-surely-there’s-a-twist story. I’d only read the first volume so bear with me.

There’s not a lot to say, really. There’s nothing great with the characters… the Devil wanted to be human, and the human wanted to be with him forever. Nothing stands out. Moving on to the story, I think that creating a living creature has always been enchanting for us, humans. So, with that being said, it drew you in. And if you already read Boy princess, you just know that there’s something in there that will make you regret putting yourself in a situation where you’ll have to think and think about the sadness in this world.

So, I’ll stop with that review first. Since right now, that’s exactly what I’m feeling.

Love. Regret. Moving On. Angel Beats. [One Last Time]

Angel Beats- the Guild

I really hope that with this third post, I can do justice for this anime.

Angel Beats is about a group of kids who are unable to move on and are trapped in purgatory. At first it would seem that Yuuri-pe would just be a reap off of Haruhi Suzumiya, and the story would be too absurd and frankly, stupid. But just hang on and continue watching. Coz if you don’t, you don’t know what you’re missing.

This anime is about dying with so much regret and sadness that you’d willingly trap yourself in a made-up world, trying so hard to continue living and never giving up- all for the sake of your life and your memories. It tells the story of how these kids finally moved on and accepted their fate, they surrendered theirself to fate and to God, knowing fully well that they’ll, in a way, die again. It’s about how love have once again prevailed. It’s really all about unconditional love: the lost and gain of it.

I feel sorry for the people who didn’t get or who weren’t able to appreciate this anime. The main theme isn’t original but the way it is presented, with the high school students fighting and angel as well, it is truly a one of a kind story. Also, the characters each have their own story, they aren’t just there for show, they have development and twists. Expecially Yuzuru, you think he’s the main protagonists, that somehow he is the saviour of the Guild… tunrs out it’s not him. I really liked the twists. Even though it brought Yuuri-pe one step closer to being Haruhi Suzumiya with all the God thing.

Bottom line of this whole review: Don’t miss out. This is an amazing anime. I cried and cried and cried. It makes you think about life, you know. It makes you realise things and it just makes you feel alive.

Battle ANgel Live Action :)


Battle Angel Alita- Alita

So, I know I’m quite late with this news but… apparently, they are making a Battle Angel Alita live action!!!! But instead of that title, they are shortening it to Battle Angel. I really hope it’s gonna do justice to the manga or at least to what the mangaka wanted to show people. I haven’t really read the Battle Angel Alita manga, but I have read the sequel: BAA- Last Order. I think it’s quite good though the drawings really need to improve.

Anyway, Empire Magazine says that it’ll be James Cameron, the director of Avatar who’s directing it. Seeing how Avatar turned out… maybe we can be excited for this one? What really worries me is that it’s HOLLYWOOD who’s doing it. Tsk tsk. Risky. Especially after Dragon Ball. Epic fail. But this is a sci-fi… and the technology is amazing right now. Plus, it’s the director of Avatar!!! The effects were really awesome in that film. SO I guess we just wait for this.

Battle Angel L.A. Info:

Battle Angel Alita Info:

100% Perfect Girl [Update!!]

100% Perfect Girl- Jarte and Jay

I read Haruka Murakami’s 100% Perfect Girl after hearing about this manhwa. It’s a story about a guy finding his one true love- the one hundred percent perfect girl for him. She wasn’t unbelievably beautiful or attractive… But she was perfect for him. In the end, they weren’t for each other. They didn’t seize the chance to be together and relied on ‘fate’ to do its wonders.

Everything about the story is heart breaking… and even though this manhwa is about that story, it defied and corrected all the ‘mistakes’ the protagonist committed in the story. Jarte never let go of Jay. He never fell in love with anybody else, be it a 80%, 32% or 99%. Never. He gave his all for Jay and in the process, he began to lose himself.

This manhwa isn’t well written. Weird choice of words and cliche storylines. And what’s really annoying is the girl always gets kidnapped and always ran away. And! And! What’s really annoying is every body falls in love with her! Seriously. Unlucky much?!

Truth be told, I would have preferred for them to forget about each other and move on… but then that wouldn’t be true love, would it?

Now, what I love about the story, even though it’s cliche, is that it keeps you going. It keeps you reading and hoping and pleading and crying and just… feeling. When you read it, it makes you want to believe in true love and that you can really love a person so much. I know many people would think it’s a very unhealthy relationship. Hell, I feel the same way. But I guess that’s just love, right? And true, as many people had said, it’s full of drama and all this nonsense really. But I don’t know, if you take Jarte, Jay and the other characters away and look at them one by one, you’re gonna want to puke and kill yourself for reading this coz it’s too horrible (that’s extreme hyperbole people. hyperbole only!). Same goes for the story too. But look at it together… you’re gonna get something good: True love.

The characters are quite believable, even after all the drama and the anguish, the ‘psychoness…’ Still believable. A little more character development for the others I think would be better. I know for others Jarte may seem crazy, but that’s what the manhwa is about. Going crazy because of the fear of losing the one you love.

Over all the manhwa is worth the time, the download, the money, everything. It may not be the best storyline or character development, but the over all feel and experience is a must. It just makes you feel alive and loved, you know?

So, a 7/10 to a 9/10 if I’m feeling really generous. Safe bet? 8/10.

BTW, here’s a link to the story: 100% Perfect Girl

100% Perfect Girl Info:

0zero3days: Silence

It’s night time… I’m very very sleepy when my mother asked me to massage her and here I am, reading BL manga. This 3rd entry for the 3sixty5days of manga, anime and live actions is possibly one of the best manga I ever read. Every click of my mouse (I seriously hope you know that I’m talking about the mouse used in computers. anyway…) literally makes my heart twist. It’s like you can feel the emotions and it just synchronize with you and truthfully, it’s weird.

So, before going to the review, I’ll give some info about the manga.

Title: Silence

Mangaka: Azuma Takamiya

Read Online: Mangafox

Status: On hold with 7 Chapters.

Before this is what’s written in this post:

How can you effin’ do this to me? I was so excited with everything and then suddenly I read that it’s on hold?! Why?!

Whatever. Seriously.

Okay, I might as well give a review. This manga is just great. The story, the art… I won’t give spoilers or whatever but every turning of the page is painful for me. My heart literally twists every page. I mean, it’s so heart breaking…

The characters just seem so alive to me. Like, they’re in front of me and it’s happening at that moment, like you can feel what they feel. I’m so not good with reviews but I make up for it with my scores and comments and well…

READ IT. YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED. As for the score, maybe a 9.

Just read it. It’s good.

But I saw a comment from my Only the Ring Finger Knows entry and I just know, I should do justice to the manga. So, here’s a more substantial review:

At first, I was thinking that it’s gonna be boring and worthless. I just had to read it because I downloaded it. But as I began to read it, I was enchanted by the art and the feeling you get from reading it. As I said, every page, I have to muster my courage and click the mouse. My heart, if only possible, might actually stop beating with every scene. I know this might sound bogus and fake to you but I feel all this.

The flow of the story is simple and easy to understand. It focus only on the two characters and from only 7 chapters you can already relate to them.

I urge you to read it. It’s just… one of the best, really.

My Sassy Girl: The Korean Version

It’s been a while since I did a post about an live action. I just watched the Hollywood adaptation of Sassy Girl and I just can’t help remembering the original and well, comparing it too. So, anyway, this is for the Korean Version. I must say it’s the best adaptation so far.

My Sassy Girl

This movie is from a series of love letter posted in the ‘net, then adapted to a novel, then to at least 3 movies, 1 drama and a manhwa. The literal translation is That Bizarre Girl.

When I first heard of this movie, I just have to watch it. When I did, i fell in love with it. First- the actors. They are just perfect for it. I felt every possible feeling- love, sadness, pain and happiness. They’re just great! The girl is really a tyrant and the guy looks really clueless and everything. Second- the scenes. Well, I can’t tell you how much I love the scenes. The director is really good and even the script writer. Ok, I guess everyone who helped were amazing. When I saw the American film, though I know it’s sure to be different, I just had to compare it. And trust me, the whole plot is just better and different from the American film.

So, what I just want to say is this film is just so sweet, so addictive, so enchanting and just so heartbreaking than the American film. The 10 rules made me cry and I just suddenly realized… maybe there are soulmates.

So, scores: Overall- 9/10.