Tomorrow: Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLES


Its the story about four travelers bound by fate and prophesied future. Syaoran, young archaeologist working on the excavation of infamous Clow Ruins has to go on desperate journey, when the one he loves, Sakura is endangered by the plan a certain man has for the future. Accompanied by Fai D.Flourite, a magician, surrounded in mystery, who is escaping from his world, Kurogane, a ninja with sorrowful past, trying to get back to his world and Mokona, a creature capable of traveling through dimensions they have to cross numerous dimensions to gather the princess memories, in form of feathers.. But the ability to save the Princess’ life comes in great cost, as the three loose their most precious things to the Dimensional Witch, also known as Yuuko Ichihara. To be able to save his princess, Syaoran must give up his relationship with her.

But the world is not so simple. The time they made a decision, their destinies were sealed into the tragic course, as everyone in the group has their own secrets…And they thought, that the masks would never fall…


Let me say this first: This manga is absolutely awesome! Both art and story are splendid as one would expect since CLAMP is responsible for this manga. If you don’t know about CLAMP, where the hell have you been in the last few years? CLAMP is a group of girl mangakas who draw really handsome guys and pretty girls with very detailed dresses and everything. Just click here if you want more details about them. Sadly, in the latest chapter of this manga, chapter 217, CLAMP’s hands seem to lost its magic. On one page of this latest chapter entitled: Magic Words, one of the main character’s face, Fai-san’s face to be exact, is unacceptable for me, a CLAMP fan. I know. I know. I probably am being to exaggerated but being used to their really superb art one can argue that maybe they are rushing the series. This is good, coz the confusions and questions will be resolve quickly, but if the art is going to be like that, then I would prefer longer waiting time. Sooner or later the story might also be affected.

Now, back to TRC, the start of this series is good. Each character have contradicting personalities and the mystery is already in just after you flip through the first page. Syaoran and Sakura is in a glass like container. Why are they there? Well, that question is about to be answered actually.

TRC is about Syaoran and Sakura, together with two others from another world, going to the Witch’s shop to grant their wishes. One wishes to collect something important and in return had to give up the relationship he has with that person. The other wants to go back to his master and the last one, wishes to never return again to his own world. Together they began their journey of friendship, love, and lies.

The art from start until page 216 was great. Though there are lot of fight scenes with magic, you can still understand the drawing. The story is full of different twist and involves different and unique cultures that are not rarely known or doesn’t even exist. But one of this series’ weakness is the confusion with characters due to its almost never ending twists. As of now, there are four different Sakuras and three different Syaorans. One Sakura is the real one, the clone, a mother to another Syaoran, and one from Card Captor Sakura. Syaoran also has a clone and his father is named the same thing. But because this series is not yet complete, there can always be explanations.

One of this series’ strong point is the cross-over of different characters from different CLAMP made mangas. Some of them are from CLAMP School Detectives, X, Tokyo Babylon, Chobits, Magic Knights Rayearth, Card Captor Sakura and RG Veda. And it’s over lapping story with one of CLAMP’s famous work aside from TRC itself, xxxholic.

For the characters, each have secrets of their own and reasons why they continue their journey.

Over all:
Art- 9(before) 8(now)
Story- 9 Very interesting and it makes you want to want more. Very original.
Character development- 9 Most of the main characters’ story are developed and also those of the minor characters.

So seriously, read this.


If time does nothing but repeat endlessly… even if we are able to live endlessly within that time, if we can never move forward… that is no different from death.

That dream… will not be their future; I won’t allow it. Until we can meet again… I will be waiting.


I just have to! Tsubasa Chronicles’ Sakuras and Syaorans Overview (Chapter 222)

My exams aren’t done but I just had to write this. In I started a discussion about the Clones being Real Syaoran’s parents. I mean come on, similar clothes, being saved from destruction by Yuko, and I’ll explain it later but it would all fit. and now that the latest chapter is out, who would say I’m wrong? The Clones had a new life, saw each other again. They had a son, Real Syaoran. Real Syaoran had to go. Daddy and Mommy Clone knew what’s gonna happen. Tried to save the “future” by being trap in the glass thingy. Voila! It fits! And for the questions: “Why are the parents of RSyaoran with him?” Well, guys it’s because present past future and other time are also different worlds. Simply, the Clones are in a diffferent world and the future them with the son, RSyaoran also in a different one.

Another question regarding CCS. GUYS I THINK THAT THE CLONES AREN’T CCS. THEY HAVE THE SAME SOUL BUT DIFFERENT LIVES. Like the clone, with the real, and so is ccs. Got it?


Okay. I have to review now. Bye bye.

Chapter 220 Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE

Finally! I’ve been waiting for a month now. For the past few weeks I would look for updates and it’s tiring. Now that we have the 220th Chapter, I can’t say it all disappeared.

Thank You CLAMP for drawing a better manga, again. It’s not like the ast chapters that has really awful art. And thank you for answering some questions and I hate you for opening more.

This chapter finally answered who the “dead person” is. ANd for those who didn’t notice, Clow Reed was  Clone Sakura’s dad while the Real Sakura’s dad is Syaoran’s foster father. Now, I’ve known this for a while and I was wondering when they’ll explain it. Anyway, do you think that they knew something about their supposed to be past? I mean for the King who became Clone Syaoran’s dad… 

…Well, this chapter is really interesting but very short. Just 16 pages for a month long wait!!


Where is the JUSTICE here? Well, thanks to the Scanlators. And to read the chapter 220 just click here.

Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLES Chapter 219

Yay!!! Tsubasa 219 is here!!!! Yeah!

Wait. If you haven’t read it… there are spoilers here, okay??!

Okay, first, the appearance of Yuuko. Finally! I’ve been worried about her since she’s not in xxxholic or in the other TRC chapters. I wonder what she meant with “Clow gave it to him, himself…” or something like that. Does that mean that the story of Card Captor Sakura really relates to TRC? Maybe it’s a sequel or something? Or maybe I’m just too imaginative? Also, Yuuko asked the Clone Syaoran to choose. Hmm. I think that’s second. The Clones are STILL alive? Whoa! Too many Sakuras and Syaorans! My head is already spinning. Well, I guess it’s just right that they’re alive, after all, both First and Second season of TRC, they are the protagonists. 

So, what happened in this chapter is the Syaorans and Sakuras were attacked by Fei Wong Reed. They are alive only because of Clow Reed’s magic that was passed on to Syaoran Daddy. Then Yuuko was shown. She said that yeah, it was given to him by Clow himself then the Clones were shown too. They are with Yuuko in a dream. Sakura is, again, unconscious. Seriously, that Clone is always asleep or unconscious!! Anyway, they were asked to choose… About what?!

The story is still confusing. Arg!

The characters are confusing too!

The art is definitely not CLAMP like. I already said this in my review of one of the previous chapters in my old blog, meinliebe. The drawing is getting ugly. Just look at the first page of this chapter!

Anyway, if you want to read it, check out Manga Fox.