I.N.V.U. Volume 4 Chapter 1

Ok. I’m not entirely sure if I should call it chapter one, but I want to upload something today. Anyway, I have a scanned I.N.V.U. Volume 4 Chapter 1. If you want it, just tell me.




One morning, 16-year-old Sey’s world is turned upside down when her mother announces she’s moving to Italy to finish her novel. She’s made arrangements for Sey to live with her friend, Meja, and Meja’s creepy daughter, Terry 27 not exactly Sey’s ideal living situation, but she has no other choice. Sey has a killer crush on a teacher named Mr. Cho, and she’s beyond shocked when she learns that Terry knows him well … VERY well.

And so begins I.N.V.U. (I Envy You) – a hip, moving, topsy-turvy look at the lives and loves, trials and travails of 4 teenage girls.

STORY. Each character have their own story of love. Sey is in love with her teacher but is wavering because of Siho; Hali is in love with the same teacher, and he loves her back but he’s very insecure; and Jae Eun is in love with Simon, a chef but then somethingĀ happened. I like this. But the development of the story is not that good. I think that the mangaka should do something about it. 8/10

CHARACTERS. The characters are all unique and entertaining. Though most of their worries are already cliches, I think they are okay. I think they also lack character development. I’ve only read 4 volumes and with that, the manhwa still have potential.

I don’t know if I like Sey or Hali. Coz Hali is more like my favorites… 7/10

Anyway, the combination of the characters light romance with forbidden love are really entertaining!

ART. It’s good. But sometimes it’s off. But that rarely happens so, it’s fine. I like how the manhwa artist draw Hali and Siho. 8/10

OVER ALL. It’s a good manhwa that deserves a 8/10.