Hanasakeru Seishounen

Hanasakeru Seishounen

Hanasakeru Seishounen


A very powerful industrialist directs his daughter to pick a husband from three candidates he has chosen for her. They are to come into her life, and their uniqueness would cause her to recognize them immediately. All three of the candidates are outstanding. Well, it’s actually four…
The story evolves along the lines of a power political mystery involving a small middle eastern country.


As of now, I’d only watched episode one. So I can’t really say much.

STORY. The story is not that uncommon anymore. It’s certainly not original but still appealing. I actually got interested because of the “uniqueness” that they were saying. The first episode didn’t really give much of the actual plot. I mean, I think it’s impossible that that synopsis is the only thing there is to it. Coz if it is, then it’s very disappointing and a waste of time. Having said that, right now, I think it did well for the first episode. The conflict was already told.

Here’s what happened in episode one. Spoilers… okay?

Kajika went to Japan with Toranosuke. She was in the car with him when they saw a building and Kajika asked if that’s her new school. Tora said yes and also told her not to stand out too much like she does in other schools. Then, in her new classroom, when her classmates heard that she’s from US everybody was like, “Wow!” “Really?” You know, and stuff like that. Then during interval, or recess, or break time, or whatever you guys call it in your country, some guys want to talk to her and ask one girl to do so. Then since all of them are being shy, one girl with curly hair in a pony tail approached her and introduced herself. Since that girl is shy and everything, even though she gathered up her courage just to talk to Kajika, she can’t think of anything to talk about. Then there’s this 3 girls who suddenly appeared and talked to Kajika. They ask some things about US and in the end ask her if there’s someone she like. Kajika answered, not like but love. Then she proceeded to describe “him.” The 3 girls including the pony tailed girl, her name is Yui, were all getting flustered and everything. Then they were really disappointed when Kajika later said: He’s a leopard. Who wouldn’t?

Then she and Yui became friends. During her stay in her school, when she’s doing PE or changing in the locker room, everyone is staring at her. Probably coz she’s good in PE and her skin is really smooth. I mean, I can’t feel it but that’ what the anime suggest. Anyway, the 3 girls who got disappointed earlier where accusing Yui of being a homosexual, tomboy, gay, lesbian, or whatever you call it in your country. Kajika interrupted when Yui started a fight. She pushed a strawberry to one of the girls’ mouth. Then she asked everybody to eat some.
Yui became jealous or sulky because she thought that Kajika wanted to be friends with everybody and not just her. Possessive, isn’t she? Tsk, Tsk. Anwya, Kajika followed her and they talked. Yui bumped to one big ugly girl and said sorry. Kajika asked her why she apologized when it’s not her fault. It seems that the ugly girl is some thug’s woman. The girl backed off but then threatened Kajika. Later, when the two of them were going home, walking, some guys stopped them and grabbed their hand. Tora arrived and saved Yui but Kajika didn’t wan to be saved.

She was brought to some place near the river. The ugly girl’s with her bf who’s also ugly and the guy was going to hurt Kajika but he just frozed when he saw Kajika’s eyes. Then this guy wanted Kajika for himself. The ugly girl refused and ordered the other thugs to kill Kajika but Li Ren, a boy who has a past with Kajika when she’s in an island wih no other kids, arrived and threw some needles at those thugs. Tora and Yui arrived just in time to see Kajika throwing herself to Li Ren.

The next scene is in the plane where Kajika is complaining because her father agreed that she can stay in Japan for 6 months but it hasn’t even been a month but she’s already called back to US. Li Ren said he can’t do anything. The Tora, after being persuaded by Li Ren, said how his pride was hurt as a body guard of Kajika. Li Ren apologized but Tora is still sulky.
When Kajika arrived and saw his father, they hugged and she slapped him after because of the Japan thing. Then they talked about a game where Kajika is going to meet some guys to be her fiancé. But the guys doesn’t know that they were picked to be candidates and they don’t even know her. She won’t be given their appearances or names either. The dad said that he chose this guys after 12 years of searching. Then, Li Ren is to stay with Kajika and help her choose, be choose and answer some question. Based on Li Ren’s look on the last part of the anime, he’s not that happy that he’s not picked. And the dad said that he’s poker face won’t let him be liked.

Whew. That was hard. Anyway, score for the story is 7/10. For now.

CHARACTERS. As of now, only 4 long lasting characters are introduced. That would be the Dad, Kajika, Li Ren and Tora. The story is just beginning but we are already shown of the character’s true nature. What I mean is, I’m already starting to understand Kajika’s personality and I was already given a glimpse of Li Ren’s. So, I guess giving a 8/10 for characters is just right.

ART. I’m disappointed with the art. The main reason I decided to check this out is because of the great art in the poster. But the anime is not good. It sucks. I’m probably exaggerating but it’s truly bad. Sometimes it’s not even proportioned. Maybe I’m picky or something but it doesn’t change the fact that the art is bad. 5/10.

That’s it. I hope this series will improve. ANd, the info is from My Anime List, again.