Le Portrait de Petit Cossette

Le Portrait de Petit Cossette

Alternative titles:
コゼットの肖像 (Japanese)
Cossette no Shouzou (Romaji)
Le Portrait de Petit Cossette (French)
Petit Cossette

Other Information:
Genres: drama, horror, psychological, romance, supernatural
Themes: ghosts, gothic

Plot Summary:
Eiri works at his uncle’s antique shop, and one day stumbles across a glass. Upon touching the glass, he receives visions from what he finds out to be a girl, Cossette, haunting the glass. She’s been searching for over 250 years for someone who could see her, and now she needs his help.

This anime had been i=on my mind for a long long time. I’d read a lot of synopsis and I was thinking that it would be a good anime. It was. But not the way I expected it to be. What I thought was, the protagonist, Eiri, would try to find the objects connected to Cossete’s death and that would be free her. Frankly, I don’t know if it’s a good thing that it’s not the way I imagine it. Anyway, i like it but I it felt weird when it was fantasy-like rather than supernatural. What I mean is, there were parts like this:
Cossette Screenshot 2

I hope you get what I mean.

So, for the story, I think that it’s good. The main story is about finding true love that will save herself. But I just think that it’s kinda stupid how the “things” that was present during that time are harboring a grudge against the guy. I mean, come on! That’s crossing the line of fiction. So, Cossette is going to have Eiri killed just so the “things” wil have peace. Duh. She’s the one who needs peace not those “things.” As for the characters, Cossette is literally little. She looks like a 12 or 11 year old for F’s sake! That’s so lolita! And Eiri is neurotic. The girl who likes him is nosy. Arg. What I do like about the characters and the story is that Cossette fell in love with him and wanted things to stop.

In the anime, almost every scene is dark and gloomy, it’s also made in silhouette-style. The setting is either his antique shop or some random street. Not that I mind.  I also don’t mind the fact that a lot of things aren’t explained and that no development where made whatsoever. And if there was, well, it was so little. And seriously, it was a good anime worth watching. Something’s not right though. i just don’t know what.

Score: Story- 8 Characters- 7 OST- 7 Anime- 8
Over all: 7.5 or just simply 8.

Recommended if you like supernatural and fantasy with drama and if you don’t mind cliffhangers.

Aoi Bungaku

Aoi Bungaku

Aoi Bungaku

Information from Anime News Network and My Anime List

Alternative Title:

青い文学シリーズ (Japanese)

Blue Literature (English)

Other Information:

Genres: Drama, Historical,Psychological, Seinen

Status: Airing, 2-?

Plot Summary:

An animated adaptation of six classical Japanese literature pieces, including No Longer Human (Ningen Shikaku) and Run, Melos (Hashire, Melos) by Osamu Dazai, Kokoro by Natsume Souseki, Hell Screen (Jigoku Hen) and The Spider’s Thread (Kumo no Ito) by Ryunosuke Akutagawa and In the Forest, Under Cherries in Full Bloom (Sakura no Mori no Mankai no Shita) by Ango Sakaguchi.


I was browsing through Metanorn when I saw this anime. It looks really dark and somewhat scary so I decided to download it from God-knows-where. Anyway, the first episode is fulfilling but short. The art is definitely good and it reminds me of Baccano. The first episode is about a guy who has a mysterious and traumatic past. Well, it’s not so mysterious since they show bits of it. Anyway, the main character is actually a typical one. He comes from a rich, controlling and strict family; he’s father doesn’t love him; he’s got a somewhat traumatic childhood. The other character is a woman who’s working in a female version of a host bar (I seriously don’t know what they call that. Is it still a host club? Well, whatever). She’s looking for her husband and well, fate decided that the two of them (the rich guy and the woman) to meet. And then something happened.

Though the art is good and the plot isn’t that bad either, I was surprised to see the ending. I was waiting for a more gruesome scene. But instead it was a slice of life and emo thing. But it’s still good. I was just hoping for more I guess. But since it’s just the start, I’ll be sure to continue watching it.

Score: Art- 8/10. Story- 7/10. Characters- 8/10. Anime- 8/10.

Over All: 8/10.

Tomorrow: Perfect Blue

Information from Anime News network:

Alternative Title: パーフェクト・ブルー (Japanese)
Genres: drama, horror, mystery, psychological, thriller

Plot Summary:

Pop idol Mima quits her group in order to pursue an acting career. But not everyone is happy especially a crazed fan that stalks her. People around her are being murdered and Mima starts to lose her sanity.


Well, next time, I should seriously pay attention to the rating. Here in NZ it said- Mature: Rated 18. I ignored it and I really regret it.

First- story. Definitely one of the best psychological thriller ever. The scenes jumps from one scene to another, each always connected to the next scene in a way. All the actions of Mima, though different, connects to the next scene. And since she’s acting in a drama, there are times when her real life connects or rewrites the drama. Then, what makes the story more confusing and psychological is this: There’s a ghost-like Mima who appears to be the conscience of the real Mima, only to be something else scarier. The story is really confusing and unpredictable. There were times when you think you understand it all… then boom!

What the hell?!

Well, that made it one of the best.

As for the characters, I like how she’s being all paranoid and confused. How she’s got conscience and how she’s regretting things like she’s a real person.

For the art, well, it’s not exactly the best. It’s old and everything. But it still worth watching!

Score: Story- 9/10. Characters- 8/10. Art- 7/10. Over All 8/10


Like I said, Stalkers are scary! Imagine waking up finding yourself not being able to breathe in  your own house. Scary, creepy, horrible!!!

Tomorrow: Evangelion (Platinum)

Evangelion: Platinum

Evangelion: Platinum

Information from Anime News Network:

Alternative title: Evangelion

Shin Seiki Evangelion (Japanese)

新世紀エヴァンゲリオン (Romaji)

Genres: action, drama, psychological, science fiction

Themes: Mecha, Military, post-apocalyptic,

Plot Summary:

At the age of 14 Shinji Ikari is summoned by his father to the city of Neo Tokyo-3 after several years of separation. There he unwillingly accepts the task of becoming the pilot of a giant robot by the name EVA01 and protect the world from the enigmatic invaders known as “angels.” Even though he repeatedly questions why he has accepted this mission from his estranged and cold father, his doing so helps him to gradually accept himself. However, why exactly are the angels attacking and what are his father’s true intentions are yet to be unraveled.


Well, first things first- I already watched Evangelion way back, when it’s very very popular. But I can’t remember anything decent except the Eva going berserk so I decided to watch it again. This time though, I’m watching the Platinum Edition.

Story- I can still remember bits of Evangelion… but not much. SO I’ll be fair and give a review for those episodes I re-watched, which are episodes 1-4. The first episode was so short and uneventful. Which sucks. Oh, when I say uneventful, I didn’t mean that there weren’t an Angel attacking and destroying stuff. I didn’t mean no bombs and missiles either. I just meant that Shinji didn’t get much action. God, he was just going EMO. Also, in the first episode, Rei was introduced but even though she’s mysterious she didn’t really steal any moment in my mind. As for the next episodes, I thin that the emo moments aren’t in the right timing. There are times that I want to know how he reacts, thinks about the world ‘on his back’ but nada! And when I want action, they show me his emo moments! Duh?!

Anyway, moving on- The story is very interesting. I’ll update this if it gets better. For now- 7/10.

Characters- Well, no one likable at the moment. Shinji is not so manly and as I said he’s so emo. But giving it a chance, I’ll say 8/10.

Art- Well, thank God for Platinum Edition! I love the new improved version! Shinji is no bishie but he’s just fine. And from what I saw when my sister is watching the old one… Definitely better. Score- 8.5/10

Over all – 7.8/10 Well Done.


Why just me?

How sad would it be to be a 14 year old saviour of the world and mankind? What happens if you mess up?

Can I really blame Shinji for being emotional most of the time?

What if tomorrow the world falls into destruction Can…no, WILL we entrust our lives to a 14 year old boy, even if he’s capable?

Tomorrow: X




Alternative Title: X 1999

Genres: drama, fantasy, horror, psychological, supernatural

Themes: Bishounen, Post-Apocalyptic

Plot Summary:

It’s the year of destiny, and 15 year old Kamui Shiro, a powerful psychic, has returned to Toyko after a 6 year absence, having left when he was very young. He wants to be with his childhood friends, Fuma (his best friend) and Kotori, Fuma’s little sister (and Kamui’s possible girlfriend). He wants to protect them from all dangers, but destiny and fate are haunting Kamui and pulling in himself and his beloved childhood friends. It is his destiny and his sole decision to decide the fate of the world, no matter if he wants the role or not. Now it is a matter of if he will join the side of the Seven Seals and become the Dragon of Heaven to save mankind or join the Seven Angels and become the Dragon of Earth to destroy all civilization so the earth can heal itself from man’s destruction.


The fight for Earth or Humanity’s survival. Who will triumph the Dragon of Earth or the Dragon of Heaven? Or maybe, the question should be… Who should win?

The movie is the retelling of the TV series with different twists and some different scenes. It started with Kamui’s arrival and ended with Fuma’s death…

Yes, unlike the TV series, X The Movie ended with Kamui still alive and Fuma decapitated. This is only one of the many twists the movie offers. But even with the good story line, the movie is lacking character development. If you watch it without watching the series or knowing any background knowledge about the characters, you’d be surprised with their appearances and disappearance. In the movie, some characters like the dream seer of the Dragons of Earth, Kanoue has been given more depth as a character than in the series as her love for her sister was more explored. Aside from the character development, the story development is also lacking. The twist are good, the pace isn’t.

It would be great if they would combine both the stories in the series and the movie with a different ending than the first two.

What annoyed me the most is the fact that in the movie, Kamui had not awoken as one of the Dragons of Heaven. While Fuma, like in the series, awoken just after Kamui chose. In the series, it was suggested that he did awaken but only when he was about to die. Now, who would want that?

For the art, it’s okay but CLAMP’s drawing now is better.

Over all the movie is not the best nor is it the worst. Score: 7/10 with the story having a 8/10; the art 7/10 and the character 6/10.


Why do people like making stories about their own extinction and deaths? Is it because deep down we want to perish and start anew? Or maybe we feel so disgusted of ourselves that we want to ease this feeling even with only a dream? Or maybe we just like killing people?

If X ever came true, what would we choose as our future? What will tomorrow be like?

Tomorrow: Boys Next Door

Boys Next Door

Boys Next Door

Information from Anime News Network:

Alternative titles: Immagine postuma di ragazzo (Italian)
Shōnen Zanzō (Japanese)
Парни по соседству (Russian)
少年残像 (Japanese)
Genres: drama, horror, psychological, romance

Plot Summary:

Adrian Clay seems to be just an ordinary 27 year old teacher in L.A. No one knows that he is actually a mass murderer known as the “Blind Man” who seeks out and murders young male prostitutes at night. One night, one of the young prostitutes, 14 year old Lawerance, a victim of a gang-ruled prostitution ring, is a witness to one of Adrian’s murders. Adrian is sure that he will have to kill the boy since he saw him committing the crime but before Adrian can set any plans, Lawerance tracks him down first and faces the disturbed teacher. Adrian and Lawerance form a taboo love relationship, and the chances that they will be left in peace is very slim.

How does it feel knowing the person you love will never be with you? What does it feel to now that you’re the reason why?

The story of Boy Next Door started off with giving a solution to the question: Will they be together? Normally, this would turn me off. Knowing the ending really takes off the excitement. You know the start you know the end, why the hell would you care about the middle? But this manga is an exception. Seeing Lawerance dead at the start and reading Adrian saying that “he’s the ugliest and the most beautiful person [he’s] killed, made me think really hard. If he loves him, why kill him?

Below are a lot of spoilers.

The story told in flashback was one of the sweetest, saddest and most painful stories I’ve ever read. Adrian love Lawerence so much. It was so sad and heartbreaking to see him, ‘forced’ to kill Lawerence. I feel so sad for him. When I finished reading the manga I was contented at the same time confused. The story was great and everything but that sadness is too much to bear. He was ‘forced’ to kill Lawrence. There’s no turning back. No second chance.

With that I’m giving the story a 9/10. Kaori Yuki’s way of telling their story was really amazing. I was so hooked I cant bear to not read any small detail. I was always hoping that I could find something that could change the ending. Also, it explored the life of the people society casts away. It showed goodness in bad and badness in good. As for the characters, I was very interested in knowing and understand the main ones and even though a lot of my questions wasn’t answered I am very satisfied of the character development except for the brother of Lawerance. So I’m giving it a 8/10. And for the art, Kaori Yuki’s drawing is really excellent. Though the drawing were mostly dark and sometimes confusing it’s still one of the best for me. 8/10.

Over all the manga deserves a 8.5/10. I’m using average now that’s why! If I’m not I would have given it 9!

Over all comment: Both art and story are great. Kaori Yuki done a good job. The story is dark yet many people can relate. The fact that she can keep a person interested even when she told or show the ending is good.
There are things more important than life. So they say. But is it true?

What I’m trying to say here is for example, you broke your mother’s vase, the pieces are there, you can glue it or buy another one w/o your mother knowing. But if you kill a person, the pieces wold be there, but you can’t put them back and glue it.You can’t buy another person to replace the dead one. You can’t bring back the life of a person.

What can be much worse than knowing the person you love will never be with you again?

Well, sadly there is one. Killing that person.

How painful it would be, waking up everyday, living, knowing that you killed the person you love? That you hold their lifeless body in your hands?

How can a person who kill someone he loves and  live for tomorrow knowing he will never be with that person and it’s his fault?

Book Club

Book Club

Book Club

“For those who have courage…for those who do not fear death…open this book and turn the page!” goes the magazine in which this manhwa is serialized in. And for good reason. Peek into the horror within this particular book club. The president Kyungdo is a crazy maniac about books and while Eunsae tries to protect him from them, he is just so crazy about them. His fate in fact is connected to the legendary library of Alexandria, the greatest library that was ever destroyed, and Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood. (AnimeList)

I first read this at 6:47 am. Wow. I was so scared. I mean, the situation is not that scary, but the face- super scary. After seeing it, I closed the window (computer window, ok?) and then I read yaoi. After that, I attempted to read it again, only to be really freaked out and I just went under my bed sheets and tried to sleep.

Reading the 6 chapters that are available to online readers like me, I was able to understand the story a little. It seems that Kyungdo and Eunsae are a couple ( I just want to say that, it’s not even relevant to the story… as of now). Kyungdo has this book that kills. Yeah. A killer book. It makes your nose bleed and makes you see dead people, particularly a girl who looks a lot like Sadako only with no tongue. A medical examiner is also part of the bigger story. She had a friend who died in the library partly because of her. Her friend’s tongue is cut. Anyway, it seems like something is going on with the Book Club that Kyungdo’s father used to be in… until he died after nose bleeding and stabbing himself with a cutter in the neck.

Story development is a little awkward and what’s the word? … off. I understand what’s happening but the way it’s being shown isn’t smooth… it’s just awkward. Also, the concept of a killer book is a little funny and seriously weird. Oh, have I told you that the book draws dead people to it? Pretty cool, huh? Yeah. For 3rd graders! But still, even with the childish concept, it’s still worth a read and worth my time because I’m curious to why the book can kill.

The characters are not yet developed, considering that it’s only been chapter 6 and a lot of characters had been introduced. I don’t mind, but since I can’t find any volume 2, even in amazon or something, I’m getting a little pissed off.

As for the art, I like it, a lot. Especially because the guy is cute and the ghost is friggin’ freaky! Want to see it?

BTW: R.O.W.= Read Online Website, sites where you can read it online. Self explanatory, right?