My 10 Favorite Live Actions Ctd: Wolf’s Temptation

Wolf's Temptaion Poster

Wolf's Temptation Poster

Alternate Titles:
Korean:늑대의 유혹
Synonyms: Wolf’s Seduction,
The Seduction of Wolves,
Romance of Their Own,
Temptation of Wolves

Other Information:
Directed by Kim Tae-gyoon (김태균)
Screenplay by Kang Geon-hyang (강건향),
Kim Jeong-gon (김정곤),
Kim Tae-gyoon (김태균), Lee In-sung (이인성),
Yoon Eun-kyeong (윤은경)
Genres: Melodrama Romance
Release date in South Korea : 2004/07/23

Jo Han-sun as Ban Hae-won
Lee Cheong-ah as Jung Han-kyeong
Kang Dong-won as Jung Tae-sung


From her appearance to her mannerisms, it is easy to tell that Jung Han-kyeong (Lee Cheong-ah) is a country girl. After her father’s death, she comes to Seoul to live with her mother (Kim Bo-yeon), planning to attend Kang-Shin High School. However, her life in Seoul is a series of mental and physical shocks. For example, on the bus, a slipper is thrown randomly at her head–but her problems don’t end there. The guy who threw the slipper is none other than Ban Hae-won (Jo Han-sun), “the” guy at her school, and everywhere he steps, girls trail behind. Seeing Han-kyeong’s pitiable and adorable nature, Hae-Won falls for her…and true to his personality, he begins tracking her down, almost ruthlessly… The boss of Sung-Kwon High, Kang-Shin’s neighbor and rival, is named Jung Tae-sung (Kang Dong-won), and he, too, has feelings for Han-kyeong. Despite his shy, adorable face, Tae-sung has strong fists and endless obstinacy. A fight that handles both pride and love begins between the two, and neither of them is prepared to back down. But Tae-sung has a secret, one that forces him to love Han-kyeong in spite of himself, and Han-kyeong, ignorant of this, tries to do her best to be gentle with both of them. Eventually, Tae-sung leaves Han-kyeong’s side, and later, Han-kyeong and Hae-won learn of his secret. The heartbreaking brightness of these kids makes even adults cry…  


I watched this film many times, and every time I do, I cry. Not just cry-cry. But CRY. It’s one of the best film that you could ever watch. I bet my whole blog writer “career” on it. Just starting to write a review makes me remember. I’m a big fan of really sad stories with true love, en=ven though I don’t believe in it. But just once, I did believe.

STORY. The beginning was funny and really weird. The protagonist of the story, Han-Kyeong, was sandwiched between a fight from opposing groups of the other two protagonist. And really, her face after that was hilarious. Aside from being funny, it’s also kilig. Two hot guys fighting for an average girl, with one guy being really pushy and the other being extremely sweet and gentleman, who wouldn’t feel that kilig, huh?

I’m giving the story a 9/10. The main story is very common. An average girl being fought over by two really handsome and popular guys. But the twist in it, are so different and not average…

SPOILERS. I learned this new way of hiding spoilers, if you want to see the spoilers, highlight it. One of the many things that made this really different are the parts about Han-Kyeong and Tae-sung. First, they are half brothers and sisters, and Tae-sung is dying. I know, cliche for Korean’s right? But here me out on the next paragraph without spoilers.

What I love most about this film, even though it’s not very original anymore, are the emotions it makes you feel and the realization that makes you think. Is there a love like that? That’s what I first thought. And the lines, God, the lines they were saying is so beautiful.

I can’t describe the film in words that would make you really want to watch it. I know that. I never been the kind of person that can persuade others using pretty words. But this is the last thing I’ll say about the story.

It’s very beautiful and heartbreaking. It makes you want to be love the way Han-Kyeong’s been love by Tae-sung. It makes you curse life for what happened and it makes you cry over and over again and hope, that it’s not true. It makes you wish that you could go back in the past and know everything. It makes you believe in a word that because of being used always has lost its meaning. It makes you believe in LOVE.

CHARACTERS. Great characters. Tae Sung and Hae won, together with Han Kyeou=ng are great characters with the actors having that chemistry. And they fit their roles. I cried and cried because of not only the story but also because of their acting. Good development. I enjoyed being in their company for more than an hour and wish that I can enjoy it more. 9/10

MOVIE. Great. With the story and the characters being 9/10, the effects, especially the rain part and the fight, one-on-one, between the two male protagonists, and also the part where Tae-sung is riding his motorcycle, are all the best parts. I love the setting and almost everything about it. Definitely one of the best movie ever.

OVER ALL. 9/10



Live Actions

Anime and Manga have always been the best thing that ever happened to me. I’m not kidding! I’m the way I am now because of my love for anime and manga. Of course, I got hooked to Live Actions as well. I mean, who would pass the chance of seeing your favorite anime character come alive? Not me! Here are some of the many live actions I’d watched:
Death Note
Hana Yori Dango
Honey and Clover
Itazura na Kiss
Lovely Complex
Nodame Cantabile
Prince of Tennis
Antique Bakery
Detective Conan
Yamado Tarou
Kimi wa Petto
Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru or “I love my Younger Sister
Full House
Wolf’s temptation
I’ll be making this entry more presentable later. Right now, it’s 2 am in NZ so I should sleep.