Aoi Bungaku

Aoi Bungaku

Aoi Bungaku

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Alternative Title:

青い文学シリーズ (Japanese)

Blue Literature (English)

Other Information:

Genres: Drama, Historical,Psychological, Seinen

Status: Airing, 2-?

Plot Summary:

An animated adaptation of six classical Japanese literature pieces, including No Longer Human (Ningen Shikaku) and Run, Melos (Hashire, Melos) by Osamu Dazai, Kokoro by Natsume Souseki, Hell Screen (Jigoku Hen) and The Spider’s Thread (Kumo no Ito) by Ryunosuke Akutagawa and In the Forest, Under Cherries in Full Bloom (Sakura no Mori no Mankai no Shita) by Ango Sakaguchi.


I was browsing through Metanorn when I saw this anime. It looks really dark and somewhat scary so I decided to download it from God-knows-where. Anyway, the first episode is fulfilling but short. The art is definitely good and it reminds me of Baccano. The first episode is about a guy who has a mysterious and traumatic past. Well, it’s not so mysterious since they show bits of it. Anyway, the main character is actually a typical one. He comes from a rich, controlling and strict family; he’s father doesn’t love him; he’s got a somewhat traumatic childhood. The other character is a woman who’s working in a female version of a host bar (I seriously don’t know what they call that. Is it still a host club? Well, whatever). She’s looking for her husband and well, fate decided that the two of them (the rich guy and the woman) to meet. And then something happened.

Though the art is good and the plot isn’t that bad either, I was surprised to see the ending. I was waiting for a more gruesome scene. But instead it was a slice of life and emo thing. But it’s still good. I was just hoping for more I guess. But since it’s just the start, I’ll be sure to continue watching it.

Score: Art- 8/10. Story- 7/10. Characters- 8/10. Anime- 8/10.

Over All: 8/10.