Doujinshi, anyone?

…a very popular theme to explore is non-canonical pairings of characters in a given show (for dōjinshi based on mainstream publications). Many such publications contain yaoi or yuri… motives, either as a part of non-canon pairings, or as a more direct statement of what can be hinted by the main show.

Anime. Manga. Action Figures. Live Actions. Cosplay Costumes. Anime Pins. Anime posters… Doujinshi, anyone? Though anime and manga are very popular, you can’t really say that DJs are getting left behind. Especially if you’re a girl who just loves to see two *ahem* straight *ahem* guys make out and well, you know the three letter word. So, what exactly are DJs? Well, I would love to bore you with a lot of juicy details about it but that’s not really my job. So to make it short- it’s a self published stuff from different people, mostly manga-ka though. Then over the years it kinda changed and now, many DJs are based from existing series… I hoped I actually made somebody understand what DJs are. But there’s always google.

And so, where can we find DJs? Well, i mostly read it online. It’s not as if, I can buy it here. NZ sucks. So, here’s some sites with DJs translated:




Truthfully, I’m not that addicted to DJs just yet. SO I can’t give any sites without really a guarantee that it’s good. But the sites above are the best. Also, if you want to know some more sites, try here: Save Our Doujinshi. Now, I gave you a great list of sites and I advertised the club! Great!

What really got me into DJ is the fact that you get to see two straight guys together… and the great drawing. Yoneda Kou, is one of my favorite. Just recently, I became addicted to Katekyo Hitman Reborn, it’s because of these DJs:

Katekyo Hitman Reborn- Hibari X Yamamoto DJs

“Mr. and Mr. Hitman?” is based from the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It’s a really good DJ and it’s long… so that’s a bonus. He he. As for Initiative and Dilemma, I just love them together. they’re so perfect!

I guess, that concludes this entry. I’m kinda tired now.