Shoujo Manga: Watashi ni xx Shinasai!

Watashi ni xx Shinasai!

Watashi ni xx Shinasai!

Alternate Titles:
Japanese: わたしに××しなさい!
English: Do xx To Me!

In class, she’s a sort of zoned-out girl, and he’s the year one class’ most perfect, good-looking guy. But the two of them have a secret, and their extraordinary “love experience” will start now!


Story. 7/10.

Truthfully speaking, this manga is full of ‘typicalness.’ Let me tell you the reasons:
  • Popular guy, love by all, has a fan club, has ‘a secret’.
  • Scary looking girl, feared by everybody, even teachers; has a ‘secret.’
  • Oh… she also have a childhood friend.
  • Popular guy and scary looking girl, ends up being together.
  • Bullying scary girl because Popular Guy, is everybody’s property.
  • Oh… childhood friend? In love with Scary Girl.
  • Relationship fake but becomes reality.
  • Another one. Both don’t know what ‘real love’ is.
I got 8. And it’s only been 5 chapters so far. Tsk. Tsk. Not really a good thing. I think the only thing that separates this from others is the fact that they have a fake relationship for the girl to find out what true love is. It makes people curious. I really want to now what else she’s going to make him do.

Actually, giving a 7 is me being very generous. Every time I’m clicking my mouse for a new page, I know what’s going to happen. Maybe it’s just me, maybe its different for you guys. But it’s really annoying. With all that taken to consideration, I still urge you to read it. It’s entertaining even with all the cliche scenes. I actually fet excited while reading it.


As I said, typical. A popular guy who’s so nice and cheerful, blah. blah, but in truth, he’s just a jerk. A scary girl who’s not really scary but misunderstood. And of course, the one thing most shoujo manga and other love story can never be without… the childhood friend! Now, understand why I have to give it 7?

Well, it’s supposed to be 6/10, but I like how the childhood friend is somewhat mysterious. With no eyes showing and all. Like he’s a part of a past, you already forgot. That’s the feeling he gives of. Anyway, I also like how this protagonists suddenly creates lines from what’s happening to her. but I don’t like the “What’s this I’m feeling?” drama. Ugh.

Art. 8/10.

Whoa. This manga has an awesome art. I like the drawing so much, it kept me going! What’s sad is the guy isn’t that handsome. The girl is a total babe, but the guy, average compared to the manga I already read.

With all that… the over all score is 7/10. The manga is worth reading and adding to your watch list… but not really if you prefer original stuff and stories with more depth.

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