Battle ANgel Live Action :)


Battle Angel Alita- Alita

So, I know I’m quite late with this news but… apparently, they are making a Battle Angel Alita live action!!!! But instead of that title, they are shortening it to Battle Angel. I really hope it’s gonna do justice to the manga or at least to what the mangaka wanted to show people. I haven’t really read the Battle Angel Alita manga, but I have read the sequel: BAA- Last Order. I think it’s quite good though the drawings really need to improve.

Anyway, Empire Magazine says that it’ll be James Cameron, the director of Avatar who’s directing it. Seeing how Avatar turned out… maybe we can be excited for this one? What really worries me is that it’s HOLLYWOOD who’s doing it. Tsk tsk. Risky. Especially after Dragon Ball. Epic fail. But this is a sci-fi… and the technology is amazing right now. Plus, it’s the director of Avatar!!! The effects were really awesome in that film. SO I guess we just wait for this.

Battle Angel L.A. Info:

Battle Angel Alita Info:


3sixty5days of anime, manga and what? Live actions?!

Haha. I feel like I’m trying to do something that I know, I can’t do. But what the hell, right? Try things. Do stuff. SO anyway, I’ve been trying to do lots of remodeling and redoing my online accounts and I remembered this thing I saw in one other blog with 365 something… then I thought, how about I post something for 365 days, each different? Well, that would be great. I thought. So, I decided to give it a try. Anyway, wish me luck! I need it.

Wallflower got a Live Action and I didn’t know?! Seriously!

Real life Sunako. Real life Kyohei. Real life… who’s the other three?!

Well, anyway, who’d have thought this day would actually come? The manga is great and everything but I never, not in my wildest dream, did I ever think it’s gonna get a live action! I was so excited to know that NEWS’s Yuya Tegoshi is playing Yuki! Yay~

Sadly, the first episode is very disappointing. Not that I wouldn’t watch it anymore; if I learned anything from Boston Legal: watch the second episode. Anyway, the series looks like it has a low budget and the acting is just… ugh. Maybe I’m not used to JDorama anymore? I hope not. How will I ever watch the Live Action of Kimi ni Todoke?!

So, anyway, where’s Sunako’s nosebleed?! I love that nosebleed!! And why is Kyohei not like what I imagined?! Well, he looks like the guy from Antique Bakery.. so he is handsome. Not just Kyohei handsome!

I’ll be watching now! See yah!

Gray Sanctuary- Meine Liebe in Tumblr

Gray Sanctuary- Meine Liebe in Tumblr

So, I think I already did this once… but I’ll do it again. I have a tumblr for cool anime pics and cheesy-but-still-beautiful quotes that i would like to share. most of the quotes are from manga and anime. And it’s not always cheesy. Anyway, if you want to see it clearly, just click the pic. It’s actually pretty cool… the site I mean. If you want to visit it: Gray Sanctuary

My Sassy Girl: The American Version

My Sassy Girl

So, this is the American Version. I won’t say many stuff. Just the basics. The girl isn’t a hellion. The guy’s story telling sucks. They don’t fit the roles. No chemistry or love can be feel. Their 10 rules suck. I just don’t like it. And, the girl was gone for only one year, and she’s late for only a day… not really that romantic. And yes, I’m being unfair because I’m comparing it. But even if I’m not doing that, it’s really not that great. Okay but not great. This is supposed to be a romantic comedy (right?) but it’s neither those two.

So, to be fair- it would get a 7/10. See, I’m being generous.

My Sassy Girl: The Korean Version

It’s been a while since I did a post about an live action. I just watched the Hollywood adaptation of Sassy Girl and I just can’t help remembering the original and well, comparing it too. So, anyway, this is for the Korean Version. I must say it’s the best adaptation so far.

My Sassy Girl

This movie is from a series of love letter posted in the ‘net, then adapted to a novel, then to at least 3 movies, 1 drama and a manhwa. The literal translation is That Bizarre Girl.

When I first heard of this movie, I just have to watch it. When I did, i fell in love with it. First- the actors. They are just perfect for it. I felt every possible feeling- love, sadness, pain and happiness. They’re just great! The girl is really a tyrant and the guy looks really clueless and everything. Second- the scenes. Well, I can’t tell you how much I love the scenes. The director is really good and even the script writer. Ok, I guess everyone who helped were amazing. When I saw the American film, though I know it’s sure to be different, I just had to compare it. And trust me, the whole plot is just better and different from the American film.

So, what I just want to say is this film is just so sweet, so addictive, so enchanting and just so heartbreaking than the American film. The 10 rules made me cry and I just suddenly realized… maybe there are soulmates.

So, scores: Overall- 9/10.