Wallflower got a Live Action and I didn’t know?! Seriously!

Real life Sunako. Real life Kyohei. Real life… who’s the other three?!

Well, anyway, who’d have thought this day would actually come? The manga is great and everything but I never, not in my wildest dream, did I ever think it’s gonna get a live action! I was so excited to know that NEWS’s Yuya Tegoshi is playing Yuki! Yay~

Sadly, the first episode is very disappointing. Not that I wouldn’t watch it anymore; if I learned anything from Boston Legal: watch the second episode. Anyway, the series looks like it has a low budget and the acting is just… ugh. Maybe I’m not used to JDorama anymore? I hope not. How will I ever watch the Live Action of Kimi ni Todoke?!

So, anyway, where’s Sunako’s nosebleed?! I love that nosebleed!! And why is Kyohei not like what I imagined?! Well, he looks like the guy from Antique Bakery.. so he is handsome. Not just Kyohei handsome!

I’ll be watching now! See yah!