My 10 Favorite Live Actions: Casshern

Okay. I’d watched more than 25 live actions and after my internet and phone bills are paid, I’ll start watching again. I don’t know about you guys, but I definitely want to see my favorite anime characters moving and real. I’m not saying that Live Actions are good imitation of manga and anime- coz they are not– but still. It’s fun to watch it and criticize the directors and the actors. Plus, most of the “cosplayers” are really hot. You don’t believe me? Then don’t! But still look at this, okay?! By the way, this isn’t TOP 10. Just 10. I can’t  bring myself to rate them.



Reincarnated with an invincible body to fight an iron devil. If Casshern does not do it, who will? 

Director: Kazuaki Kiriya
Writers: Kazuaki Kiriya (screenplay) Dai Sato (writer)
Release Date: 24 April 2004 (Japan) 
Genre: Adventure, Action, Sci-Fi, Drama




Casshern Poster

Casshern Poster











Casshern Poster Again!!

Casshern Poster Again!!


     Isn’t it obvious how I like Casshern’s pose?! Well, I really like it. And it certainly caught my eye when I’m browsing through a lot of dvd in            Hamilton City Libraries. I already told you, haven’t I? I’m still pretty poor! We just moved here and still waiting for Permanent Residency.Anyway,    back to this awesome film, I can’t believe no one ever mention it in My Anime List! They all got this Anime-to-Live Action Clubs but sadly,  surprisingly, “pissingly”, it’s not there! 

 This film, as I said, is really great! I mean, just the effects of the movie are outstanding! Honestly. It’s like watching anime with really modern  and realistic effects. Kudos to the costume designer for not making Casshern wear his “hat.” Seriously. If he wore that, it’s going to be hilarious! 

 Judging from the synopsis of each Casshern Anime Version, I’m guessing that this Live Action is only the same as Anime in save-the-humans-from-  foreign-beings thing. Because from what I’d read and watched, robots are the antagonists in the anime but in the live action, they are man made  humans -or human looking- that were cast out from their place. I mean, they were just thrown away. Then during that period, where the human  looking humans were being created, Casshern was resurrected by his father coz he died in the war. He even left a fiance behind. Anyway, Casshern  was so strong that he had to wear this suit always. He then left his “hat” when his fiancé’s house was thrashed. They, the human looking humans  and him, fought. That’s the basic plot. But of course there are some conflicts.

 STORY. I love it. Of course the concept is not that original, actually in my own language we call it: Gasgas na. But the conflict and the development  is really great. It’s a film but I was satisfied with the story and I didn’t think for a second: What the hell is happening? So that’s great. Nothing  much to say, I already said it before, I won’t spoil things for those who want to watch it. If you want spoilers try someone else’s blog.
In short, the story is  ABOUT LIES, LOVE, COINCIDENCE AND HUMANITY. You’ll be shocked and saddened by the coincidences. Anyway, score: 8.5/10

CHARACTERS. Not much time for character development but surprisingly, I didn’t mind. It’s like you can understand it, them, even without further explanations and development. I also think that each actor suit his role. Especially Casshern and his fiancé. 

Score: 9/10

EFFECTS AND THE MOVIE ITSELF. Dude, I said it before and I’m saying it again. AWESOME. You know what? I can’t believe this was in 2004! The effects can rival those now. Seriously! It’s like, if every Live Action – with the same or close genres of course – were like this, WoW! The effects are like anime style. Check out some photos here. Some people said that the effects confused them. Well, it didn’t confuse me. But it certainly enchanted me. Score: 9.5/10

Sorry for not posting the whole story, I just don’t want to spoil anything. Anyway, if you want to talk about it or something, just tell me! And you can look at it at Wikipedia.