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Book Club

Book Club

“For those who have courage…for those who do not fear death…open this book and turn the page!” goes the magazine in which this manhwa is serialized in. And for good reason. Peek into the horror within this particular book club. The president Kyungdo is a crazy maniac about books and while Eunsae tries to protect him from them, he is just so crazy about them. His fate in fact is connected to the legendary library of Alexandria, the greatest library that was ever destroyed, and Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood. (AnimeList)

I first read this at 6:47 am. Wow. I was so scared. I mean, the situation is not that scary, but the face- super scary. After seeing it, I closed the window (computer window, ok?) and then I read yaoi. After that, I attempted to read it again, only to be really freaked out and I just went under my bed sheets and tried to sleep.

Reading the 6 chapters that are available to online readers like me, I was able to understand the story a little. It seems that Kyungdo and Eunsae are a couple ( I just want to say that, it’s not even relevant to the story… as of now). Kyungdo has this book that kills. Yeah. A killer book. It makes your nose bleed and makes you see dead people, particularly a girl who looks a lot like Sadako only with no tongue. A medical examiner is also part of the bigger story. She had a friend who died in the library partly because of her. Her friend’s tongue is cut. Anyway, it seems like something is going on with the Book Club that Kyungdo’s father used to be in… until he died after nose bleeding and stabbing himself with a cutter in the neck.

Story development is a little awkward and what’s the word? … off. I understand what’s happening but the way it’s being shown isn’t smooth… it’s just awkward. Also, the concept of a killer book is a little funny and seriously weird. Oh, have I told you that the book draws dead people to it? Pretty cool, huh? Yeah. For 3rd graders! But still, even with the childish concept, it’s still worth a read and worth my time because I’m curious to why the book can kill.

The characters are not yet developed, considering that it’s only been chapter 6 and a lot of characters had been introduced. I don’t mind, but since I can’t find any volume 2, even in amazon or something, I’m getting a little pissed off.

As for the art, I like it, a lot. Especially because the guy is cute and the ghost is friggin’ freaky! Want to see it?

BTW: R.O.W.= Read Online Website, sites where you can read it online. Self explanatory, right?