Tomorrow: The World God Only Knows

The World God Only Knows

The World God Only Knows

Information from Wikipedia:

Alternate Titles: 神のみぞ知るセカイ(Japanese)
Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai (Romaji)
Genre: Romance-Comedy
Author: Tamiki Wakaki
Volumes: 5


Keima Katsuragi, a second-year high school student, is an avid dating sim gamer. He is known on the Internet as “The Capturing God” for his legendary skills to be able to “capture” any 2D girl in games. However, in his actual school life, Keima is known as otamegane (オタメガネ), a derogatory portmanteau of the two words otaku (オタク) and megane (メガネ-“glasses”).

At the start of the series, Keima receives an e-mail offering him a contract to “capture” girls. He accepts what is thought to be a challenge, and a demon from Hell nicknamed Elsee appears. She asks for his cooperation to help her in catching the runaway spirits. These spirits hide themselves inside the heart of maidens, and Elsee suggests that the only method to force the spirits out is by “capturing” their hearts — making them fall in love with Keima. Appalled by the said idea, Keima refuses after clarifying to Elsee that he is only interested in “capturing” 2D girls and that he detests reality. Nevertheless, with the contract already accepted, Keima would have to help Elsee no matter what; if he fails to accomplish the contract or rescind without approval, both Elsee and Keima would lose their heads.


I don’t really know what drew me in, because I didn’t really like the cover, it gave the impression that it was based from a game. Meaning: bad development of the story and anime-like art. Not that I dislike the latter. Anyway, I guess, thinking about it now, it would be the unusual story. Never in my life did I hear about a gamer helping a demon to capture bad devils using love. Have you? I’m pretty sure you haven’t either. But here’s the catch. Almost all ‘episodes’ in the manga have cliche stories and ending. Fortunately, even with that you won’t get bored or irritated. Actually, you’ll enjoy it! I don’t really know why though. It’s just like that. Also, what I find interesting is that the concept of ‘Hell’ and ‘Devils’ are twisted (in a good way) in this manga. It’s not your typical burning place where you’ll burn for all eternity and the devils aren’t your typical winged and horned creatures with ugly and disgusting faces.

So for the story, 9/10.

As for the characters, I really like Keima- and so do the girls even after losing their memory. He’s really likable and I’m amazed how he can play games for a long long time. he’s also very famous, he just doesn’t know it coz he never watch TV! Anyway, bottom line- he’s character is a one of a kind and fun one! As for the girl, Elsee, she’s weird… But I like her too. She’s a drop out from her school in Hell and even though she’s like that she’s able to capture 9 while others only have 7 or so. That’s actually cliche but what did I tell you before? This series makes all cliche original.

Characters- 8.5/10

I just remembered why I read this. It’s because it was the 2nd Most Popular in Manga Fox!!

For the art, I love it. Even though I don’t like reading a manga with anime-like drawings, I was captivated with the drawing. It’s not the best but definitely near it. 8.5/10

Over all-  8.7/10 Again, I hate using the mean (average in statistics)… but it’s the right way…


Hell is a human invention.

How cool would that be to go to hell when you die and discover it’s not how humans think it is? That would be so cool!! Humans created hell as a threat, I think. To make us obey the laws of society.

I wish in the future, we would know what hell really is.