Tomorrow: Boys Next Door

Boys Next Door

Boys Next Door

Information from Anime News Network:

Alternative titles: Immagine postuma di ragazzo (Italian)
Shōnen Zanzō (Japanese)
Парни по соседству (Russian)
少年残像 (Japanese)
Genres: drama, horror, psychological, romance

Plot Summary:

Adrian Clay seems to be just an ordinary 27 year old teacher in L.A. No one knows that he is actually a mass murderer known as the “Blind Man” who seeks out and murders young male prostitutes at night. One night, one of the young prostitutes, 14 year old Lawerance, a victim of a gang-ruled prostitution ring, is a witness to one of Adrian’s murders. Adrian is sure that he will have to kill the boy since he saw him committing the crime but before Adrian can set any plans, Lawerance tracks him down first and faces the disturbed teacher. Adrian and Lawerance form a taboo love relationship, and the chances that they will be left in peace is very slim.

How does it feel knowing the person you love will never be with you? What does it feel to now that you’re the reason why?

The story of Boy Next Door started off with giving a solution to the question: Will they be together? Normally, this would turn me off. Knowing the ending really takes off the excitement. You know the start you know the end, why the hell would you care about the middle? But this manga is an exception. Seeing Lawerance dead at the start and reading Adrian saying that “he’s the ugliest and the most beautiful person [he’s] killed, made me think really hard. If he loves him, why kill him?

Below are a lot of spoilers.

The story told in flashback was one of the sweetest, saddest and most painful stories I’ve ever read. Adrian love Lawerence so much. It was so sad and heartbreaking to see him, ‘forced’ to kill Lawerence. I feel so sad for him. When I finished reading the manga I was contented at the same time confused. The story was great and everything but that sadness is too much to bear. He was ‘forced’ to kill Lawrence. There’s no turning back. No second chance.

With that I’m giving the story a 9/10. Kaori Yuki’s way of telling their story was really amazing. I was so hooked I cant bear to not read any small detail. I was always hoping that I could find something that could change the ending. Also, it explored the life of the people society casts away. It showed goodness in bad and badness in good. As for the characters, I was very interested in knowing and understand the main ones and even though a lot of my questions wasn’t answered I am very satisfied of the character development except for the brother of Lawerance. So I’m giving it a 8/10. And for the art, Kaori Yuki’s drawing is really excellent. Though the drawing were mostly dark and sometimes confusing it’s still one of the best for me. 8/10.

Over all the manga deserves a 8.5/10. I’m using average now that’s why! If I’m not I would have given it 9!

Over all comment: Both art and story are great. Kaori Yuki done a good job. The story is dark yet many people can relate. The fact that she can keep a person interested even when she told or show the ending is good.
There are things more important than life. So they say. But is it true?

What I’m trying to say here is for example, you broke your mother’s vase, the pieces are there, you can glue it or buy another one w/o your mother knowing. But if you kill a person, the pieces wold be there, but you can’t put them back and glue it.You can’t buy another person to replace the dead one. You can’t bring back the life of a person.

What can be much worse than knowing the person you love will never be with you again?

Well, sadly there is one. Killing that person.

How painful it would be, waking up everyday, living, knowing that you killed the person you love? That you hold their lifeless body in your hands?

How can a person who kill someone he loves and  live for tomorrow knowing he will never be with that person and it’s his fault?