0zero7days: Nightmare of the Funeral March (Manga)

Nightmare of the Funeral March

Good day. Welcome to Aries. This shop sells antiques and knickknacks. It seems you’ve found what you’re looking for…

Manga Title: Nightmare of the Funeral March / Sousoukyoku Naitomea/ 葬送曲ナイトメア
Manga-ka: Aki Arata (Art and Story)
Status: Completed (Not completely scanlated) Two Vol.
Synopsis: The owner of Aries, a strange antique shop, is Baku, a mysterious boy. The costs for the mysterious items there are the guests’ nightmares. This is a story of Aries, a shop where only people drown in their dreams can enter… (via Aerandria Scans)

What attracted me is the title. Kinda like the movie “Death in a Funeral,” I haven’t watched it but the title is really attention grabbing. Hmm…. so basically it’s about this mysterious kid who’s a conductor of a colony (or whatever you call it) of an insect (of what, I have no idea) and something happened to him that caused him to have 3 or 4(?) other persona. The chapters features different people and by more than 5 chapters, the story had developed quite nicely. This manga has a really good art and an addictive story.

Scarlet Carnival is also scanlating this one and there’s no new updates yet. I’ll be updating this post after I get updates.

So far, it’s been great and it receives  1/2.

0zero6days: Are you Alice? (Manga)

Are you Alice?

If you give me a permanent reason to exist then I’ll be Alice… If that’s no good, then I’ll blow my brains out right now.
Manga Title: Are you Alice? / 汝名艾丽斯
Manga-ka: Katagiri Ikumi (Art) / Ninomiya Ai (Story)
Status: Publishing from 2009
Synopsis: After throwing away his dreams a boy wanders into “Wonderland” and he holds the name of “Alice” which is the primary requirement in the “Game to kill the White Rabbit”. In a crazy story where common sense does not apply and everything is bound by the rules of the game and the orders of the Queen of Hearts, Alice decides to take the gun in his hand. (via mangaupdates)

Hmm… so review. So far I only read three chapters. Not that it isn’t good. It’s just that I don’t have access to it except by internet and well, no updates yet.

So, I never really knew the real story of Alice in Wonderland. I vaguely knew about Alice being in Wonderland, meeting the weird cat, being in a tea party with the Mad Hatter and meeting the Queen of hearts and her cards… and that’s it. I also knew she shrank, by the way. Having said all that, comparing this manga to the real story is not really possible to do.

But reading the manga, I’m really really excited and curious about the characters and the development of the story. It seems like the Queen and his loyal servant, the Mad Hatter can’t really be trusted… and the new Alice seems to be a psycho who killed a lot… and he’s emo too. Seriously. But anyway, the story’s development is quite interesting. With the flow of the story a few more chapters and a minimum of 2-3 volumes will be enough and just right. Well, I might be wrong if there’s more twist.

Oh, for the art, well, it’s just gorgeous! I love it and I’m planning on reading one of the artist’s work: Zanbara!

As for now, this manga has the rating of   out of 5. The art and the story are just amazing and I’ll be sure to look out for updates!
Oh, I forgot! Here’s the link to Scarlet Carnival for updates and download links!

Wallflower got a Live Action and I didn’t know?! Seriously!

Real life Sunako. Real life Kyohei. Real life… who’s the other three?!

Well, anyway, who’d have thought this day would actually come? The manga is great and everything but I never, not in my wildest dream, did I ever think it’s gonna get a live action! I was so excited to know that NEWS’s Yuya Tegoshi is playing Yuki! Yay~

Sadly, the first episode is very disappointing. Not that I wouldn’t watch it anymore; if I learned anything from Boston Legal: watch the second episode. Anyway, the series looks like it has a low budget and the acting is just… ugh. Maybe I’m not used to JDorama anymore? I hope not. How will I ever watch the Live Action of Kimi ni Todoke?!

So, anyway, where’s Sunako’s nosebleed?! I love that nosebleed!! And why is Kyohei not like what I imagined?! Well, he looks like the guy from Antique Bakery.. so he is handsome. Not just Kyohei handsome!

I’ll be watching now! See yah!

Kimi ni Todoke

Kimi ni Todoke

Whoa. It’s been a long time. I had exams then I just became lazy. I’ve been doing noting but playing and watching DVDs. I’m so behind all the new anime. Arg. Anyway, I’d been watching Kimi ni Todoke and I’m happy to say, it’s really good. Often if the manga is great, the anime fails to exceed it. I’m not saying this anime exceeded the manga but it’s great nonetheless.

First, information about the anime:

English Title: Reaching You, From Me to You
Romaji: Kimi ni Todoke
Episodes: 24 but Currently Airing
Manga: Kimi ni Todoke
Synopsis: Kuronuma Sawako is feared by her classmates and is nicknamed Sadako (from the Ring). But an encounter with a cheerful and beloved classmate change her life. As this guy gives her most of her “firsts” she begin to fell in love with him.
I know my synopsis sucks but I want it to be short. Anyway, first is the art. It’s very close to the manga which makes it really beautiful. I don’t know if that is the right adjective but it’s fine. Anyway, again, Sawako is really pretty and Oh man, the guy is really handsome. Haay~ who would look at real guys when all the unreal ones are so hot? Tsk. Tsk. Back to the review, the art is also consistent throughout the episodes. I can’t believe how much the anime industry has progressed from Astro Boy and Dragon Ball.

As for the characters, all of them are lovable and interesting. Some are of course, common in shoujo manga but it doesn’t bother me at all. They all have something that makes them different. I would love to see Yano’s character development. Hmm… what else? The soundtrack is really catchy. At first I hated it. But now, I love it!

So, why should anybody watch Kimi ni Todoke? Well, it’s really sweet and pure. Both lead characters are so cute. Sadako is even cuter because she doesn’t know anything about love and she becomes happy with simple things. Yano and Chizu are also cute in the way that they aren’t what you think they are. Kaheya-kun is defintely a boyfriend material. And what attracts you most to him is the fact that he may not be found in real life. Also, the anime is really entertaining and funny. Definitely one of the best anime this  Fall.

Final Verdict: 9/10. I just can’t give a perfect score…
… because even though this is a great anime, people who like bad guys wouldn’t be attracted to this.

Shoujo Manga: Watashi ni xx Shinasai!

Watashi ni xx Shinasai!

Watashi ni xx Shinasai!

Alternate Titles:
Japanese: わたしに××しなさい!
English: Do xx To Me!

In class, she’s a sort of zoned-out girl, and he’s the year one class’ most perfect, good-looking guy. But the two of them have a secret, and their extraordinary “love experience” will start now!


Story. 7/10.

Truthfully speaking, this manga is full of ‘typicalness.’ Let me tell you the reasons:
  • Popular guy, love by all, has a fan club, has ‘a secret’.
  • Scary looking girl, feared by everybody, even teachers; has a ‘secret.’
  • Oh… she also have a childhood friend.
  • Popular guy and scary looking girl, ends up being together.
  • Bullying scary girl because Popular Guy, is everybody’s property.
  • Oh… childhood friend? In love with Scary Girl.
  • Relationship fake but becomes reality.
  • Another one. Both don’t know what ‘real love’ is.
I got 8. And it’s only been 5 chapters so far. Tsk. Tsk. Not really a good thing. I think the only thing that separates this from others is the fact that they have a fake relationship for the girl to find out what true love is. It makes people curious. I really want to now what else she’s going to make him do.

Actually, giving a 7 is me being very generous. Every time I’m clicking my mouse for a new page, I know what’s going to happen. Maybe it’s just me, maybe its different for you guys. But it’s really annoying. With all that taken to consideration, I still urge you to read it. It’s entertaining even with all the cliche scenes. I actually fet excited while reading it.


As I said, typical. A popular guy who’s so nice and cheerful, blah. blah, but in truth, he’s just a jerk. A scary girl who’s not really scary but misunderstood. And of course, the one thing most shoujo manga and other love story can never be without… the childhood friend! Now, understand why I have to give it 7?

Well, it’s supposed to be 6/10, but I like how the childhood friend is somewhat mysterious. With no eyes showing and all. Like he’s a part of a past, you already forgot. That’s the feeling he gives of. Anyway, I also like how this protagonists suddenly creates lines from what’s happening to her. but I don’t like the “What’s this I’m feeling?” drama. Ugh.

Art. 8/10.

Whoa. This manga has an awesome art. I like the drawing so much, it kept me going! What’s sad is the guy isn’t that handsome. The girl is a total babe, but the guy, average compared to the manga I already read.

With all that… the over all score is 7/10. The manga is worth reading and adding to your watch list… but not really if you prefer original stuff and stories with more depth.

Sites with Online Reading of Watashi ni xx Shinasai:

Tomorrow: Gals



Information from Anime News Network and Manga Fox:

Genres: comedy, slice of life, school life, shoujo
Manga-ka: Fujii Mihona
Plot Summary:

A friendly gang of three high school girls, led by Ran Kotobuki, a daughter from a family of police officers whom wants nothing to do with the “family business”, in the fashionable Tokyo ward of Shibuya loves shopping, music, clothes, make-up, dance-related video games, and boys. They also often find themselves solving crises amongst their schoolmates.


Story. 8/10. At first look, the story might not be that interesting. Just a typical friendship thing. And it’s true. So if you don’t like manga with friendship and love as themes, then better skip on to the next one… BUT you’ll be missing out! This series is really funny and entertaining. It’s not that different from other shoujo manga but it’s worth your time.

Characters. 8/10. I love all of them! Each of them has a story of their own. The two main ones were bad girls at first, stealing, prostituting… but with Ran being their friend, they’ve changed. The other two main guys are lovable as well.

Art. 7.5/10 Well, the anime is better. Ran look too matured in the manga. And the others are better looking in the anime.

I know it’s short. Sorry! I’m so eager to finish it!


Having your own place to rule… cool, aye?

Wouldn’t it be so cool to have a place where everybody knows you and fear you? If I’m given a chance in the future, I would gladly accept!

Tomorrow: One Thousand and One Nights

One Thousand and One Nights

One Thousand and One Nights

Information from Manga Fox and Anime News Network:

Alternative Name(s): 천일야화 (Korean)
1001 Nights
Las Mil y una Noches
Author(s): Jun Jin Suk
Artist(s): Han Seung-Hee
Genre(s): drama, historical, shoujo, shounen ai
Plot Summary:

Everyone knows the story of Shahrazad and her wonderful tales in the Arabian Nights. For one thousand and one nights, the stories that she created entertained the mad Sultan and eventually saved her life. In this version, our Shahrazad is a guy who wanted to save his sister from the mad Sultan by disguising himself as a woman. When he puts his life on the line, what kind of strange and wacky stories would he tell.


Will you betray me too?

1001 nights is definitely one of the best manhwas ever.

Starting with the story, I think many people already heard of the stories from the original 1001 nights, they were good, very entertaining. But I guarantee you, the manhwa’s twists made it brilliant. Though almost all the stories in the manga ended in death, (I can’t say all coz I haven’t read all of it yet) and I really struggled to continue reading it, I am so glad I did. The manhwas just gave the stories a new identity. Also, it questions the different kinds of love that leads to sacrifices and sorrow.

For the characters, since each chapter/volume has different stories, the main characters’ character development is lacking. I don’t mind it much though. Because in between each story, Shahrazad guy version (I forgot his name!) and the Sultan’s story are slowly developing. But still… the others? Not so much.

As for the art, though I still prefer manga style drawings, the drawing in this manhwa is absolutely great! Well, that concludes my very short review!

Sometimes, trying to protect someone only hurts them more.

Don’t you think my statement is so true? Why, some people let themselves do thing they don’t want to do just coz they want the person they love to be happy. What they don’t know or what they won’t stop to notice, is that it just hurts those people more.

What if tomorrow they disappear? Leave and be gone forever? And in trying to protect them you just drove them away?