WTFF?! Check out these LINKS!!

The internet is an amazing place. We can do A LOT. We can show people who we are and what we are capable of. But a human’s soul, heart and mind is complex. So we struggle to show parts of ourselves. Here are some links of websites I’m associated to. Please check them out. They are worth every click. 

+ WordPress Blogs
 D.O.N.T. Stop
It’s a simple blog about anime, manga and live actions. It’s about my perspective and views on these three things.
It’s my personal blog. Supposedly, it’s a tribute for my narcissist side. But I decided to use another blog due to some unforeseen problems with WordPress.
+ Blogspot
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
It’s my personal blog as of the moment. It looked a lot better before but my Photoshop isn’t working.

Real World
Blog about the movies, anime, books and even manga that I had read. Hasn’t been updated for a while.
+ Tumblr
Baby, I sorely miss…
The title is from Mayday Parade’s song. It’s suppose to be “Baby, I sorely miss the vibrant gleam that’s in your eyes.” It’s too long so… Anyway, it’s about random pictures and quotes that caught my attention in Tumblr. It contains a lot of inspiring and awesome pics so check it out too.

Just. D.O.N.T. stoP. 
Almost the same title as my blog here in WordPress; it’s the original DONT Stop blog. This blog is about yaoi doujinshis of different manga and anime. It contains info and links to where you can download it. It’s very simple but simplicity is best. CHECK IT OUT.

You Can Control Me.
It’s full of amazingly drawn anime and manga pictures with quotes from different novels and people that tells what the picture is about.

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