Shiki- Natsuno

I must admit, I really thought the person in the picture is a freakin girl. I mean, look at the pose! The hair! Right? But anyway, this shouldn’t be about that.

I’d only watched the first 4 episodes but I’m really impressed. The first episode already gets you on the edge. The main focus of the episode ‘First Blood’ is Megumi. Right of the bat her character is given a pretty good background story. She’s obsessed with leaving her boring life in the village but her obsession with something else is holding her back. Natsuno, the main protagonist of the story is shown as arrogant and antagonistic, not really the cool yet lovable type. But he’s okay. 🙂

The story is pretty straightforward at the start: new family arrives, strange things happen. But the mood of the story is really dark and creepy. I’m watching it at night and all I can think about is opening the lights. It also give a lot of hints about the Shiki but it never gives too much away, and this keeps the readers wanting more. The only problem is, the ‘epidemic’ part of story is quite slow. I mean, yeah it’s only been four episodes, but it feels like 20. The best thing, on the other hand, is Megumi’s creepy- stalker character. I swear I’d rather be fat and ugly than to have an admirer like her. Creepy. I also like the relationship between Toru and Natsuno. I know the bacground story for Natsuno, as of now, is cliche but it’s still great.

Anyway, so far so good. Definitely worth the download and in the future, my money.

I’ll update this after I watch more episodes. 8/10


Shiki Information:


0zero6days: Are you Alice? (Manga)

Are you Alice?

If you give me a permanent reason to exist then I’ll be Alice… If that’s no good, then I’ll blow my brains out right now.
Manga Title: Are you Alice? / 汝名艾丽斯
Manga-ka: Katagiri Ikumi (Art) / Ninomiya Ai (Story)
Status: Publishing from 2009
Synopsis: After throwing away his dreams a boy wanders into “Wonderland” and he holds the name of “Alice” which is the primary requirement in the “Game to kill the White Rabbit”. In a crazy story where common sense does not apply and everything is bound by the rules of the game and the orders of the Queen of Hearts, Alice decides to take the gun in his hand. (via mangaupdates)

Hmm… so review. So far I only read three chapters. Not that it isn’t good. It’s just that I don’t have access to it except by internet and well, no updates yet.

So, I never really knew the real story of Alice in Wonderland. I vaguely knew about Alice being in Wonderland, meeting the weird cat, being in a tea party with the Mad Hatter and meeting the Queen of hearts and her cards… and that’s it. I also knew she shrank, by the way. Having said all that, comparing this manga to the real story is not really possible to do.

But reading the manga, I’m really really excited and curious about the characters and the development of the story. It seems like the Queen and his loyal servant, the Mad Hatter can’t really be trusted… and the new Alice seems to be a psycho who killed a lot… and he’s emo too. Seriously. But anyway, the story’s development is quite interesting. With the flow of the story a few more chapters and a minimum of 2-3 volumes will be enough and just right. Well, I might be wrong if there’s more twist.

Oh, for the art, well, it’s just gorgeous! I love it and I’m planning on reading one of the artist’s work: Zanbara!

As for now, this manga has the rating of   out of 5. The art and the story are just amazing and I’ll be sure to look out for updates!
Oh, I forgot! Here’s the link to Scarlet Carnival for updates and download links!

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 2

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 2

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 2

Alternate Titles:
Japanese: 涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱
Romaji: Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu (2009)
Synonym: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (2009)

Kyon, your typical high school student, has long given up his belief in the supernatural. However, upon meeting Haruhi Suzumiya, he quickly finds out that it is the supernatural that she is interested in; aliens, time travelers and espers among other things. When Haruhi laments about the lack of intriguing clubs around school, Kyon inspires Haruhi to form her own club. As a result, the SOS Brigade is formed, a club which specializes in all that is the supernatural.
Much to his chagrin, Kyon, along with the silent bookworm, Yuki Nagato, the shy and timid Mikuru Asahina, and the perpetually smiling Itsuki Koizumi, are recruited as members. The story follows the crazy adventures that these four endure under their whimsical leader, Haruhi. The story is based on the light novels by Nagaru Tanigawa. (via
This season contains all eluded arcs that occured chronologically in the first season and even more.


Hmm.. This season is very very irritating, frustrating and I swear, I’ll never watch it again! MHS is a very good anime. I like it. I’d been on a ‘no anime coz it’s getting boring’ state for a year, but because of the first season, I decided to watch again. Sadly, the second season disappointed me so much.

Story. 5/10.

As I said, the first one was very good, very entertaining and seriously awesome. But for the second season, I almost destroyed my iMac computer just because I keep hearing the same lines, just different places. Arg! So frustrating. I don’t know what happened to the writers, if the lost their creative juices or whatever, but because of what they did, I’m sure, half or more than half the fans just dropped the stupid season. For those who wants to watch  it, beware of the Endless Arc. It’s gonna kill you.

Characters. 6/10.

How can there be development with those useless episodes?! The same things I knew from the first season, I just heard again. Nothing New. No development. Useless.

Art. Well, of course 8/10.

Thank God! The art is still the same as the first one, which i really loved.

Soundtrack. 5/10.

Nothing catchy. Typical Japanese songs. You can hear it thousands of times, you’ll never like it.

Over all: 6/10. I think I’m a little bit to harsh but what can I do? It was really so irritating and it destroyed my day!

Tomorrow: Perfect Blue

Information from Anime News network:

Alternative Title: パーフェクト・ブルー (Japanese)
Genres: drama, horror, mystery, psychological, thriller

Plot Summary:

Pop idol Mima quits her group in order to pursue an acting career. But not everyone is happy especially a crazed fan that stalks her. People around her are being murdered and Mima starts to lose her sanity.


Well, next time, I should seriously pay attention to the rating. Here in NZ it said- Mature: Rated 18. I ignored it and I really regret it.

First- story. Definitely one of the best psychological thriller ever. The scenes jumps from one scene to another, each always connected to the next scene in a way. All the actions of Mima, though different, connects to the next scene. And since she’s acting in a drama, there are times when her real life connects or rewrites the drama. Then, what makes the story more confusing and psychological is this: There’s a ghost-like Mima who appears to be the conscience of the real Mima, only to be something else scarier. The story is really confusing and unpredictable. There were times when you think you understand it all… then boom!

What the hell?!

Well, that made it one of the best.

As for the characters, I like how she’s being all paranoid and confused. How she’s got conscience and how she’s regretting things like she’s a real person.

For the art, well, it’s not exactly the best. It’s old and everything. But it still worth watching!

Score: Story- 9/10. Characters- 8/10. Art- 7/10. Over All 8/10


Like I said, Stalkers are scary! Imagine waking up finding yourself not being able to breathe in  your own house. Scary, creepy, horrible!!!

Tomorrow: Loveless



Information from ANime News Network:

Alternative title: ラブレス

Genres: drama, fantasy, mystery, romance, supernatural

Plot Summary:

Ritsuka’s life has never been normal. At the time of his older brother’s murder, he lost all of his memories and became a different person. He feels he’s never been loved for who he is. Enter a mysterious ‘adult’ friend of his older brother, Soubi, who always wears bandages around his neck. Carved there is ‘Beloved’… Because he was Seimei’s warcraft, someone who, with the ‘sacrifice’, (Ristuka and Seimei are ‘sacrifices’) fights psychic battles using spoken word. Ritsuka must deal with Soubi’s feelings for him. Does Soubi care abut him because Seimei told him to… Ritsuka is angry that Soubi might not even care about him for who he is, but he still fights alongside of him on the search for Nanatsu no Tsuki, his brother’s killer. One interesting and wonderful fact that draws many girls to this series: it has catboys. This story focuses on relationships and is very clearly shounen-ai, or yaoi. Ritsuka must kiss or often lick Soubi during fights for strength… But he’s ‘Loveless’.


The first volume covers almost a third of the anime. What I like most about the manga is the not-s-serious atmosphere or aura it has. By the start of the manga, unlike the all so serious anime adaptation, Ritsuka is dawn with cute and chibi faces. That happened only in the end of the anime. Also, the anime didn’t follow the manga closely and though I really like the anime, the manga isn’t bad itself.

As for the drawing, I really love the manga’s art. It’s not that different but the manga gives a more beautiful effect.

So far, Loveless is definitely worth the time.


I love you, Ritsuka.

Why would you say that to someone who doesn’t want you to? Who gets hurt just by the mere mention of it? When you know yourself that you might not be able to bear the consequence?

Just don’t say it.

Tomorrow: Tsukihime- Lunar Legend

Tsukihime- Lunar Legend

Tsukihime- Lunar Legend

Information from Anime News Network:

Alternative title: Lunar Legend Moon Princess

Lunar Legend Tsukihime

Moon Princess

True Lunar Chronicle Tsukihime

真月譚 月姫 (Japanese)

Shingetsutan Tsukihime (Romaji)

Genres: drama, horror, mystery, romance, supernatural

Themes: vampires

Plot Summary:

Shiki Tohno sustained a life threatening injury as a child, and due to that incident he was sent away from the Tohno household and was given to a relative to be raised. Years later, when Shiki is in high school, the head of the Tohno household–his father–dies, and he is ordered to move back in by his sister Akiha, who is the new head of the household. However, Shiki holds a huge secret. Ever since that injury, he has been seeing lines on objects, and only with a special pair of glasses is he able to stop seeing them. Also he is unable to remember anything well from the time before his accident. The day he moves back to the Tohno household is the day he stumbles upon a woman named Arcueid Brunstud and decapitates her with one stab of his knife in a temporary fit of insanity. When she suddenly showed up beside him later alive and well, and ask him to be her bodyguard, Shiki’s journey to unravel the mysteries of his past begins.


Reading the story, I got really excited and I even read the plot from the game. In my head, i already have this vision of the anime and I seriously liked it. SO imagine my shock when I watched this series. It was boring. It was so slow. The guy who’s supposed to be the protagonist is nothing but an extra and a wallflower who doesn’t even look good. Even the soundtrack is crap. (I think I went too far with that statement…) But anyway, the story left a lot of holes and questions. The art is good but mostly ugly. And even with the interesting storyline, the script and the flow of the story is not worth my $85. I just wasted it.

The story is not carefully told. The script writer sucks. After watching it, you’ll just have more questions than answers. I guess I’m being to harsh but seriously, it was a big disappointment.

So there. 5/10. READ IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.


Imagine tracing a line and killing someone. Cool, aye? I would definitely want that power. It would be like, I’m the Death Goddess or something.

With just a trace, I can kill.

Tomorrow: Death Note

Death Note

Death Note

Information from Anime News Network:

Alternative title: デスノート (Japanese)
Genres: drama, mystery, supernatural
Themes: Crime, Justice, Police

Plot Summary:

Shinigami own notebooks called “Death Notes” which are used as killing devices. Whoever’s name they write down in a death note will die within 40 seconds. Shinigami Ryuk dropped his Death Note in the human world where it’s found by honor high school student Light. With the death note actually having directions in it for its use, Light discovers he now has the power to discreetly kill people, and with this new power he plans to change the world in his ideal world by killing off criminals. Eventually the governments of the countries around the world notice the unusual amounts of deaths of their criminals, and figure out someone is behind them, but they have no way of discovering it themselves. That’s when they hire L, a master detective, to find out who is behind the murders.


I just bought my first ever manga! I know that’s kinda stupid considering it’s been a long time since I’d became an Otaku, but it’s hard getting manga from where I lived. Anyway, I bought this from Whitcoulls.

Before reading the manga of Death Note, I already watched the live action adaptations and the anime. So, sorry if I compare them.

Story. Well, the story is like the anime. Light saw the notebook, used it, became Kira. But the anime modified some scenes from the manga. Nothing major. So it’s still good. The problem in the manga is that unlike the anime, it just happened. A little fast pacing even for a manga. So, even though it’s got a good story like the anime, I felt like I was reading a mecha manga. (You know, the pace is really  fast and sometimes it gets awkward). So, 7.8/10 for the story.

As for the art, the anime is much better when it comes to Light. In the manga, he looked like a little kid, not a teenager. Also, even though in the anime there were times where ight ‘s face becomes twisted with his twistedness, it’s okay. But in the manga, only Ryuk looks evil. Light looks like a kid with a death note. Score 7.5/10

As for development, no comment coz I’m just starting.

So over all, 7.6/10 It might still change though. I’m just starting.


What if you can kill without touching them, seeing them? Would you kill?

Would I do what Kira did? I always ask myself that. Maybe, I would. It’s just right. Maybe I can’t. I’m not brave enough. Maybe… I don’t now. But if in the future I’ll be given a chance to become Kira, then the only thing I’ll change is L’s death.