Sensual Phrase

Sensual Phrase- Λucifer

To be honest, I wasn’t really excited with this series. It’s obviously smut and I don’t think I can actually read it. But one day, after I got home from the manga sale, I just sad down on my sister’s bed and took all the volumes we had and looked through it. It was pretty good actually. Enjoyable is the right word, I think.

The story isn’t actually original. The main story is basically about a twisted guy turned hot vocalist who fell in love with ordinary girl and blah blah blah. As for the side stories, well, they’re really quite simple to be not original. The development of the characters is so-so. No one stood out or showed potential for something great. They’re all okay but not great.

Saying all that, it’s still quite enjoyable. The plot isn’t really overused and who wouldn’t want a manga about four hotties?! Right? So, anyway, if you aren’t looking for something inspiring or just incredibly great, don’t miss out on this one. I mean, even with all the smut scenes, I still read all of it (from vol 4-18) in one sitting for 2-3 hours.

Check it out! :]






Other Information
Directed by: Kentarô Ôtani
Written by: Ai Yazawa (manga), Taeko Asano, Kentarô Ôtani
Release date: September 3, 2005
Running time: 113 min
Sequel: Nana 2
Mika Nakashima as Nana Osaki
Aoi Miyazaki as Nana Komatsu, Hachi
NANA is about the adventures of two girls, who are both named Nana. Although the name is the same, their lives are completely different. One of them is an ambitious punk who is looking to break into the world of rock and roll, while the other simply wants to have a new life with her boyfriend. After moving to Tokyo while chasing their hopes dreams, their lives greatly change after meeting each other.
I’d read what happened in this film before. there’s this really good site where you can read what happened to the anime you’re watching… basically, it’s spoilers. But then she/he stopped, so, yeah. I stopped reading too. Anyway, when I first saw the film, I thought, I had to watch it. I even watched the anime. But I saw the actors and actresses and honestly, they are all ugly. It was really disappointing.
Well, story wise, it was okay. it was a film so the fast pace was okay. Hachi’s story was a little annoying. Her boyfriend hugged someone else in front of her. She cried. Just that. I would kill him and her for sure. I guess it’s okay though. COz she’s not violent like me. In fact Hachi is very childish in her acts and the way she thinks. She thinks that her boyfriend’s love for her won’t change even though they were separated. She’s very optimistic and she’s pretty much self-involved. The other Nana, Nana is a serious girl who was abandoned many times. She’s not the type you think will become problematic because of love, but she is. She’s got a weird accent when it comes to English but it does captivate you, like Hachi said in the film.
The characters weren’t the best but they were also okay. The characters are different from each other especially the two Nana but it was entertaining to see them together. There were also a lot of funny contradiction in the characters. Yuzu is a lawyer but he’s the drummer of their Gothic-like rock band. then the other guy is a rich kid that’s inheriting an inn. It’s a hotel by the way. Anyway, Ren is a serious guy, so serious that when he was going all kilig, see my word of my days, it wasn’t noticeable.
The film over all was okay. It could’ve been better but it was worth my time. Score is 7.8/10