0zero3days: Silence

It’s night time… I’m very very sleepy when my mother asked me to massage her and here I am, reading BL manga. This 3rd entry for the 3sixty5days of manga, anime and live actions is possibly one of the best manga I ever read. Every click of my mouse (I seriously hope you know that I’m talking about the mouse used in computers. anyway…) literally makes my heart twist. It’s like you can feel the emotions and it just synchronize with you and truthfully, it’s weird.

So, before going to the review, I’ll give some info about the manga.

Title: Silence

Mangaka: Azuma Takamiya

Read Online: Mangafox

Status: On hold with 7 Chapters.

Before this is what’s written in this post:

How can you effin’ do this to me? I was so excited with everything and then suddenly I read that it’s on hold?! Why?!

Whatever. Seriously.

Okay, I might as well give a review. This manga is just great. The story, the art… I won’t give spoilers or whatever but every turning of the page is painful for me. My heart literally twists every page. I mean, it’s so heart breaking…

The characters just seem so alive to me. Like, they’re in front of me and it’s happening at that moment, like you can feel what they feel. I’m so not good with reviews but I make up for it with my scores and comments and well…

READ IT. YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED. As for the score, maybe a 9.

Just read it. It’s good.

But I saw a comment from my Only the Ring Finger Knows entry and I just know, I should do justice to the manga. So, here’s a more substantial review:

At first, I was thinking that it’s gonna be boring and worthless. I just had to read it because I downloaded it. But as I began to read it, I was enchanted by the art and the feeling you get from reading it. As I said, every page, I have to muster my courage and click the mouse. My heart, if only possible, might actually stop beating with every scene. I know this might sound bogus and fake to you but I feel all this.

The flow of the story is simple and easy to understand. It focus only on the two characters and from only 7 chapters you can already relate to them.

I urge you to read it. It’s just… one of the best, really.


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