My Sassy Girl: The Korean Version

It’s been a while since I did a post about an live action. I just watched the Hollywood adaptation of Sassy Girl and I just can’t help remembering the original and well, comparing it too. So, anyway, this is for the Korean Version. I must say it’s the best adaptation so far.

My Sassy Girl

This movie is from a series of love letter posted in the ‘net, then adapted to a novel, then to at least 3 movies, 1 drama and a manhwa. The literal translation is That Bizarre Girl.

When I first heard of this movie, I just have to watch it. When I did, i fell in love with it. First- the actors. They are just perfect for it. I felt every possible feeling- love, sadness, pain and happiness. They’re just great! The girl is really a tyrant and the guy looks really clueless and everything. Second- the scenes. Well, I can’t tell you how much I love the scenes. The director is really good and even the script writer. Ok, I guess everyone who helped were amazing. When I saw the American film, though I know it’s sure to be different, I just had to compare it. And trust me, the whole plot is just better and different from the American film.

So, what I just want to say is this film is just so sweet, so addictive, so enchanting and just so heartbreaking than the American film. The 10 rules made me cry and I just suddenly realized… maybe there are soulmates.

So, scores: Overall- 9/10.


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