Brat Boys Beyond… not so far away?

There’s been a lot of fuzz about the new adaptation of the popular manga, Hana Yori Dango. A lot of forums have discussed over and over again who’ll be the perfect candidate for Makino, or who’s going to be the next Jerry Yan. But is it really true? The same thing happened with the adaptation of Twilight. A lot of people created fake posters, fake informations and it just got out of hand. There were petitions to stop it, and lots and lots of people reacted negatively. So is this real or not? Well, frankly, I couldn’t care less. But I fell in love with meteor Garden and well, I just have the time.

So, as many of you know, the first adaptation was a huge success. F4 suddenly became know worldwide, Asian dramas became popular… Hell, I remember going home in a rush just to watch it! I even hide under my bed if the situation becomes unbearable! Meteor Garden change the Filipino TV forever. And what do I know, maybe other countries too.

Soon after that, Japan claimed F4 and made their own version- Hana Yori Dango or Boys Over Flowers. Now, just like the first, Japan’s own F4 didn’t fail the expectations of every girl in the world. Come on, Shun Oguri? Jun Matsumoto? Who wouldn’t love this adaptation?

And well, will Korea lose? Of course not! They made their own. Now, this one tried to sticked to the tradition. But failed in one. I know, I know. I’m really harsh.

Oh, I forgot… the Chinese made one as well… an ugly one at that. They completely broke the tradition… So I won’t include them in the pics.. Ugly.

Anyway, here’s some evidence of the *ahem* hotness *ahem* of the characters:

Dao Ming Si, Domyouji Tsukasa, Goo Jun Pyo

Hua Ze Lei, Hanazawa Rui, Yoon Ji Hoo

If I was a little more hard working I would give you the others… but I’m not. So, going back to the topic, a poster made by a fan, (with that quality? Of course it’s a fan!) is circulating in webs. Here’s the pic:

Brat Boys Beyond

Well, it has an ABS-CBN logo… am I wrong? Is this really the true poster? If it is then… “Yuck.” Anyway, look at those ugly guys… all of them are amateurs and they all look so useless… Do they even know how to act? And Sarah Geronimo?? Arg. Stupid Casting Director. She’s not fit for the role. All the actress who played Makino are beautiful… See for yourself:

Shan Cai, Makino Tsukushi, Geum Jan Di

See? Why Sarah? Well, some actually say that it’s not her. In a website called, well, Maja is the leading lady. Kinda weird, no? Well, that’s kinda okay. I like her actually. So, here she is:

Maja Salvador

Beautiful, ne? I wish it’s her…

Anyway, the bottom line of all these stuff is… could it be true? And if it is true, would it be as great as the first three? And lastly, why the fuck would Philippines even consider joining in the fight between Japan, Korea and Taiwan? They’re fine by themselves. Stop with the ugly adaptations. Just like My Girl, Kim Sam Soon and Only You. Please stop.


8 thoughts on “Brat Boys Beyond… not so far away?

  1. u know what? I WANT TO KILL YOU RIGHT NOW after reading what u have posted about the 4 guys. this blog is so useless! so as u! nobody needs ur opinion! if u dont like the cast then dont watch the remake! its just as simple as that…..

    I really hate the fact that you use the word “ugly” & useless…. Stupid jerk! the boys are actually handsome! they wouldnt have fans if they dont fit the roles. if u have nothing nice to say about this filipino remake then shut ur mouth! i really wnt to kill you.,

  2. to those who are pessimistic on this one…. as someone has written…. no one is forcing you to support/watch it! Give the production people a chance to show us their craft… anyways I think they are still on the planning stage…GOODLUCK to them!

    1. bitter much? oh dude. aren’t you a little bit TOO MUCH overreacting? WHY THE FUCK did you read it if you’re so angry? And for your information, I REALLY WON’T WATCH IT! An they are UGLY AND USELESS AT MUKA LANG CLANG GWAPO KASI MAPUTI CLA. For your information you’re not the first one to say stuff like that to me and again, for your info, the other one gave up just after one email from me. LEAVE ME ALONE.

  3. If ever totoo nga na my remake ang ABS-CBN ng Hana yori dango series…well…It’s very interesting…bakit d mkipagsabayan ang mga pinoy sa other asian countries who tried to do the remake…if ever na totoo ung casting ng ABS-CBN..INCLUDING SARAH G.,..well bgay sa kanya ung role ni sanschi/makino/jandi kc c SARAH bubbly n simple..d n kailangan mgpretend πŸ˜€ and she is beautiful in her own way…walang ka.arte2x d parehas ng iba….at saka kung ung mga boys nga sa picture ung mgiging future f4…gosh!!! Gwapo cla πŸ˜€ new artist nman pra ma.iba..d nlang puro cla jake cuenca ung bida…medyo nkkasawa minsan…give chance to others kumbaga πŸ˜€

    this is just only my opinion… tnx πŸ˜€

    1. i guess so. sorry if i was a li’l bit uncivilized with the other comments. i just didn’t like the way they were commenting on my posts. anyway, i must admit that we have different tastes and i admit that i just don’t like sarah geronimo. i don’t mind if filipinos want to remake dramas like the others but it is undeniable that some of these remakes is just… stupid. katulad n lng ng endless love. nwawala n ung identity at meaning ng palabas.

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