Loveless- Again.

Loveless (Volume 3)

So, I started buying Loveless Manga. And seriously, all my savings gone in one day for this series. Yun Kouga, you better finish this or else! Anyway, the manga is so far really worth all my money. Ritsuka is just so cute! And Soubi? Hot.

So, why will anybody read this? Well, the concept of the manga is really interesting- the ears stuff and the battle with spells- it’s not like any other manga that is so slice of life. It’s dark yet easy to read. I can’t explain it much, but it’s very interesting and entertaining. It gets you hook and makes you buy its volume in one day!

But Soubi is really creepy. And there’s a lot of unanswered questions… maybe that’s why it’s much more interesting?

Anyway, if you want to download it… here’s the site: Digitalskies and Shoku-dan.

That’s it! And… I already have an earlier review for Loveless- it’s here.

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