Hotaru Odagiri

When I’m reading a manga, I always make sure that the art is beautiful. Sometimes, I try to read something even though it’s ugly just because of the story… but most of the times, I really prefer beauty. A certain manga-ka, Hotaru Odagiri caught my eye with Only The Ring Finger Knows. Then, I tried her other works and Man, I got hooked! Below are some infos about her and some infos about her works!

Toumei Shounen

Toumei Shounen

Hotaru Odagiri, like many other manga-ka, only have limited information in many English sites. Sadly, even her website is in Japanese. What do you know? Maybe after two years I can tell you what’s in it! Anyway, here are some infos about her that I found in and Baka Manga Updates:

Given Name: ほたる (Romaji: Hotaru)
Surname: 小田切 (Romaji: Odagiri)
Blood type: O (Why the hell do you need to know her blood type? Beats me! I’m just typing stuff here…)
Birthday and Zodiac Sign: October 5, Libra
Website: Ethereal
Other Names: Sakura Itsuki (For Doujinshis)

As for her works:

I’m pretty sure a lot of people are familiar with Only The Ring Finger Knows. It’s one of the best Shounen ai manga ever and the novels are awesome too. Since I already wrote a review about it, just look at that to help you decide if you’ll read it or not.

Only The Ring Finger Knows

Only The Ring Finger Knows (OTRFK)

Invisible Boy or Toumei Shounen is one of my favorites aside from OTRFK. The art is brilliant as ever and the story is really interesting and great! I feel so excited and happy every time i read it!
Invisible Boy

Invisible Boy

Sayonara no Riyu‘s stories are all sweet and heart breaking. Though the art is not that great, it’s still good. Probably bcause it’s a little older than the other manga made by her. (Know that I think about it, is she a her? I just assumed. Well, whatever!) Read it. The first story is sad. They had to wait for 7 years to see each other again. I’m happy because the their love remained…

Sayonara no Riyu

Sayonara no Riyu

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru is a fantasy and adventure manga with shounen ai. The story is very interesting and the art is fantastic! The only problem is, if you don’t like buying manga, well, it takes the scanlator a long time to scan and translate them. And please, don’t get me worng. I’m not saying they’re slow or something. I think it’s hard t translate manga…

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru

Definitely read Time Lag! This is the first manga that I saw with a love triangle, between three boys! I was just beginning to read Boy’s Love so I tried Shounen ai and yeah~ this one has a good story and well, you guess it, awesome art! I fell in love with one of the characters while reading it.

Time Lag

Time Lag

My Precious, is one of the average but pure story and average but still beautiful works of Hotaru Odagiri. I like it because as I said it’s pure but it’s nothing outstanding or something. Still, you should read it. It’s worth your time.

My Precious

My Precious

So far, I still have two more works of her to read: Minna Ai no Seine and Gin no Kaze. I’ll be reading it soon and I’ll be giving reviews to the others. For now, enjoy reading her works and tell me your opinion about them!


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