They Kiss Again Sequel- Precious Kiss

Wow! Started with a Kiss must have really blew the world! They are making a third series!! Isn’t that just great!? Anyway. it’s been confirmed in Wikipedia that there will be a sequel!

Here’s the article:
Sequel Qu You Ning, the director of the TV Series, quitted Extravagant Challenge, to start making the sequel of They Kiss Again, It Started With A Kiss 3. It is actually the first time of making 3 seasons for a TV series in Taiwan. The taping will start on November 2009.
I can’t wait!

2 thoughts on “They Kiss Again Sequel- Precious Kiss

    1. Yeah. Though I sometimes hate Joe Cheng for being mean and Ariel Lin for being so pitiful in the series, I love to see them both happy. Did you know that they did have a child… at least in the anime?

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