Brat Boys Beyond: A Filipino Version of Hana Yori Dango

Rumor has it that another version of the manga Hana Yori Dango will come out this 2011. How true is the rumor? Who knows? But I’m begging ABS CBN to not embarrass the Philippines.

So far, there had been 5 adaptations of the manga: Meteor Garden (CTS Taiwan) 2001; Hana Yori Dango (TBS Japan) 2005; Boys Over Flowers (KBS Korea) 2009; Meteor Shower (Hunan TV China) 2009;  and Bunga (Astro Ria Malaysia) 2009. I had seen all except the Chinese and the Malaysian one and truthfully, I’m surprised there’s a Malaysian adaptation. No wonder Philippines is making one. They don’t want to lose.

Anyway, the title of the Filipino version is Brat Boys Beyond. Now, I don’t now who came up with that one. But why didn’t they just translated Boys Before Flowers to Filipino?

Hmm.. Mga Lalaki Bago Bulaklak… Ugh. I guess Brat Boys Beyond is sooo much better. Hay~ I guess we should just wait and see what’s going to happen. But while I’m waiting, I’ll be checking out the possible actors for the leads.

My brother’s blog says that Maja Salvador is the favorite for the role of Makino. But another site said that Sarah Geronimo is confirmed to be taking the role. Well, no one really fits the role. But what the heck? See their pictures and decide for yourself.
Maja Salvador

Maja Salvador

Maja Salvador

as for Sarah Geronimo…
Sarah Geronimo

Sarah Geronimo

Is it obvious that I don’t like her?


11 thoughts on “Brat Boys Beyond: A Filipino Version of Hana Yori Dango

  1. nku sana lng nga.
    wag nilang ipahiya ung philippines. maramin ngayon ang bumabatikos sa chinese h4.

  2. i’ll go for sarah., hehehehe y? kasi mas fit siya sa role na shan cai / jan di

    “Is it obvious that I don’t like her?” yes very obvious., hahahah

  3. Nico Ibaviosa – Dao Ming Si / Jun Pyo
    Sarah Geronimo – Shan Cai / Jan Di
    Andre Endique – Hua Ze Lie / Ji Hoo
    Eduard Duallo – Xi Men / Yi Jeong
    Chase Rivera – Mei Zhou Ling / Woo Bin

      1. dahil cguro mas me click ang bagong actor mas ke kilig factor pg ngeon mo lng nkita dba..its confirmed

      2. kung iisipin mong mabuti, mas may kilig nga. ang issue ko lng nmn eh c sarah. kung dun sa mga lalaki, mag dedepend un sa show. kasi puedeng pangit cla sa pic pero iba nmn sa show. i think papanoorin ko to. pero ayokong madismaya katulad sa my girl ng pinas.

  4. girls gals, wag nman kaung ganyan.. pagbigyan natin si sarah geronimo, hindi nman porket flop ung idol eh pangit n rin ang kalalabasn ng remake ng boys over flowers diba?.. and to think kc kya nman nagkaganun e dahil hindi maganda ung kwento… idol k si sarah, kaya gusto k sya gumanap… tingnan natin di ba?… sana walang mangaway sakin.. peace!!!

  5. hi there, is it true that malaysia also makes their own version of meteor garden?? i’ve searched in google but has no luck, i hope brat boys beyond can also be watched online

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