100% Perfect Girl

100% Perfect Girl

100% Perfect Girl

Jay Jin is the headstrong teenage rebel, determined to prove she’s serious about making art. J. Max is the tall debonair foreigner, in Korea on business, with more–much more–to his background than he lets on. On the surface, it would seem as though Jay and J. have nothing in common…until a chance encounter in a hotel lobby sparks a mysterious attraction. Will true love prove strong enough to overcome the language barrier, not to mention the thousands of miles separating two attractive people? Then there are the interventions of friends and family who think they know best… as well as a disastrous encounter with spicy chicken kebab! A giddy romantic fable for our ever-shrinking world, 100% Perfect Girl demonstrates the power of chemistry to conquer all. (Source: Netcomics)

Ok. First of all, the synopsis is quite wrong. Jay isn’t in love with J. Max. She actually said that she was only attracted to his face. Ouch.

Now, for the review, the story is somewhat original and typical. Typical because, perfect guy fell in love with not-so-perfect girl. Original because not-so-perfect girl is not in love with perfect guy. Honestly, this twist caught me off guard. I don’t really know why this manhwa is on my list, but I definitely didn’t know about this part. So, anyway, this really kept me going. But aside from that, the pacing is kinda quick and lacking. It’s like: “Whoa! How did that happen?” It’s like things just became that way without the manhwa artist building up a situation to be the cause of it.

The characters are all good looking. J. Max actually looks like Nao in Can’t Lose You, which I find a plus for this manhwa since I love Nao. Anyway, aside from al being good looking, they are also all annoying characters without a specific character/ attitude. Try going as far as Chapter 10, the only things you’ll learn about them are Jay is a very irritating girl who is also a sadist to the masochistic and typical perfect guy J. Max. And J. Max’s assistant, body guard and another weird kid are all characters with free lancing characters. WHat I mean is, you can’t describe how they are. TO explain it more, they all just change. The assistant is a hopeless romantic but he refuses to help his master who is in love and has romantic way of showing. Contradicting… So, what I mean is, with a lot of chapters, there are really a slow character development.

Over all, Can’t Lose You is definitely on a different level than this one. There’s a lot of filler chapters…

Score is 7.5/10 .

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