Only The Ring Finger Knows Novels


Not only is Yuichi the most mysterious, sought-after guy at school, he’s got an excellent shot at getting into any prestigious University…and no one knows this better than his secret love, Wataru. But instead of a vacation break spent celebrating beneath the fragrant sway of summer blossoms, both boys must surrender to Yuichi’s grueling study schedule. How can they possibly sweeten the deal? A bet that promises to take their young relationship to the next level is in the works, but Wataru complicates matters when the very ring that symbolizes their precious bond goes missing. Prying girls and wisecracking best friends only fuel the flames of gossip, and soon the small white lies that were only meant to protect the heart of Wataru’s beloved become poison arrows. With the test and their relationship on the line, can the boys hold on long enough to survive the sticky meltdown of their longest summer?


Volume 1: Only the Ring Finger Knows

Volume 2: The Left Hand Dreams of Him

Volume 3: The Ring Finger Falls Silent

Volume 4: The Ring Will Confess His Love

Volume 5: The Ring Finger Persists


First is the story. If I have to sum it up with three words, it would be- heartbreaking, sweet, and unforgettable. If I have to say something else, well, I’ll say, it made my heart skip a lot of times, made me experience love, showed me a different side of cliched characters and gave me a story to read that kept me wanting more. Maybe the concept of a popular person falling in love with not-so-popular one is common, but like many others, the story has depth.

I would have preferred it if it was first person point of view though. Coz even if the author was able to tell us their emotions, sometimes it’s not enough. There were times when you just want to know how a character feel.

Um.. had I mentioned that even though in the novel they were making love, the description were not perverted but sweet and pure? Well, I have now.
I think I had said enough. The score is 9.8/10

Second is the art. Some parts were drawn. I must say that whoever thought of what scenes to draw, clearly didn’t want people to buy the novel. The drawn parts were the I-don’t-really-care-about-this-part scenes. Which is frustrating. SOmetimes you want to see a certain scene drawn and you look for the drawings only to be disappointed. Haahh..
Anyway, the drawings are also off. It’s not like the manga where I fall in love with every next page. But the covers are good.
Score is 7/10.

Over all, I think that Only the Ring Finger Knows should be watch by everyone. Either you love boys love or not, you will still enjoy it. It’s a pure, and sweet love story that will forever stay in my memories.

18 thoughts on “Only The Ring Finger Knows Novels

  1. Only the Ring Finger Knows and The Left Hand Dreams of Him, it’s the like manga?
    It’s the next story?
    Please, answer me >w<!!

      1. OMG! i no dat u post dis 9 mths ago bt im sooo stupidd dat i just saw it 2 daiz ago so i wanna say thank u soo much. deres no pc in mii house at da moment so i hav 2 go 2 library 2 read dis an in dat 1 hr i notice da 1st tym Wataru call Kazuki “Yuichi” instead ok kazuki and it gave mii butterflies to see dat after da fraucas with asaka an his lil bro but i was still happy and Yuichi saying he “miss wataru” and gt a taxi to his house an txt him to look out da window was soooo romantic. thank u sooo much for lettin mi see dis because early dis yr, i read on mangafox a spoiler dat some1 found an sumarised of book 5 dat at da end Wataru says “Kazuki”, but Yuichi said “Yuichi” which sorta looks lyke it da 1st tyme Wataru calls him Yuichi bt now i see(read) dat it nt, i was soooo happy so thank u again. x

      2. P.S dat picture of Wataru and Yuichi wen dey bumb into Asaka at the temple on new year was sooo cute bt Wataru looked older and Yuichi look as hot as ever.

  2. Does anyone know when volume 5 comes out in the US? I really want to read it after I just finished book 4… I really do hate clifhangers… But I was really shocked at what happened at the end…

      1. I know right?! When I read it I about passed out from the shock. I kinda died a little on the inside at the end… I cant wait for book 5 to come out in the US though! 😀

      2. Same here. I’ve been waiting for a year now, I think. I wish I can read Japanese. And it’s a novel so the scanlation groups can’t translate it for us. *Sigh*

      3. Me too! It’d make things a lot easier if i could read japanese too… they really need to hurry!

  3. OMD!!!!!. I just finish reading book 4 im i think i m gonna pass out. how can it end like dat. im really dieing 4 book 5 now. any spoilers will be apreciated.

    1. search for it in mangafox… even if the manga or novel isn’t there (it used to be… though i don’t know if it still is) the threads there are very very helpful!

      1. tanx for dat but can some1 plz tell mii when was the first time that Wataru called Yuichi by his first name. im not sure if it was during the 3rd book but im not sure cause i read book 2 of the novel like 10 times now but it not there so im wondering if it was book 3 cause it been a long time since i read it.

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