I just have to! Tsubasa Chronicles’ Sakuras and Syaorans Overview (Chapter 222)

My exams aren’t done but I just had to write this. In mangafox.com I started a discussion about the Clones being Real Syaoran’s parents. I mean come on, similar clothes, being saved from destruction by Yuko, and I’ll explain it later but it would all fit. and now that the latest chapter is out, who would say I’m wrong? The Clones had a new life, saw each other again. They had a son, Real Syaoran. Real Syaoran had to go. Daddy and Mommy Clone knew what’s gonna happen. Tried to save the “future” by being trap in the glass thingy. Voila! It fits! And for the questions: “Why are the parents of RSyaoran with him?” Well, guys it’s because present past future and other time are also different worlds. Simply, the Clones are in a diffferent world and the future them with the son, RSyaoran also in a different one.

Another question regarding CCS. GUYS I THINK THAT THE CLONES AREN’T CCS. THEY HAVE THE SAME SOUL BUT DIFFERENT LIVES. Like the clone, with the real, and so is ccs. Got it?


Okay. I have to review now. Bye bye.


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