Chapter 220 Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE

Finally! I’ve been waiting for a month now. For the past few weeks I would look for updates and it’s tiring. Now that we have the 220th Chapter, I can’t say it all disappeared.

Thank You CLAMP for drawing a better manga, again. It’s not like the ast chapters that has really awful art. And thank you for answering some questions and I hate you for opening more.

This chapter finally answered who the “dead person” is. ANd for those who didn’t notice, Clow Reed was  Clone Sakura’s dad while the Real Sakura’s dad is Syaoran’s foster father. Now, I’ve known this for a while and I was wondering when they’ll explain it. Anyway, do you think that they knew something about their supposed to be past? I mean for the King who became Clone Syaoran’s dad… 

…Well, this chapter is really interesting but very short. Just 16 pages for a month long wait!!


Where is the JUSTICE here? Well, thanks to the Scanlators. And to read the chapter 220 just click here.

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