Romeo and Juliet

Romeo X Juliet

Romeo X Juliet


In the floating continent of Neo Verona, the Montague family seized control and murdered every member of the Capulet family with the exception of Capulet’s daughter, Juliet Fiammata Asto Capulet. 14 years later, Juliet and the remnants of Capulet’s retainers live hidden from the iron fist of the Montague family. Juliet has long forgotten the murder of her family or her identity, and cross dresses as Odin and the town’s hero of justice, “Red Whirlwind”. A sudden escape in her daily escapades leads her to meet Romeo Candorebanto Montague, the kind son of the tyrannical Montague. Destiny has been set as these two individuals soon to be “star-crossed lovers” are cruelly toyed with by fate in the midst of war. Loosely based on the play by William Shakespeare.


I was in Tungko that day with only 60 pesos in my pocket and the tricycle fare is 15 pesos. I saw this DVD in the bangketa and I knew I just had to look. So I d di. And well, it’s Romeo X Juliet anime. I guess the vendor saw it in my face that I really wanted to buy it coz she said, “Go on, buy it.” Oh, I just thought. Maybe she just want to have a profit that day… Who cares?! On with my story, I said, “I don’t have enough money. It’s 65 pesos right?” I was alos thinking about how I’m going to get home without money. Then she said she’ll sell it to me for 60 pesos and yeah, I paid her and went away, very happy while also thinking, “How the hell am I getting home?”

I’ll leave it to your imagination while I get on with the review.

STORY. When I first saw it in some site, there’s this picture showing the two of them fighting. Great!, I thought. I really want a version of Romeo X Juliet with Romeo and Juliet actually fighting!

As I got home after that fateful incident, I immediately tried it in my DVD player and scanned the episodes. Then later that week, watched it.

I must say it’s very good but at the same time disappointing. The concept of placing a fantasy theme in it is really good. Also, they played around with the characters and added new ones. The fantasy theme which the original version had expanded, turned out really great and every time the pair meet it’s so beautiful. It’s like the world stops and becomes beautiful.

Now, let me explain that. The fantasy theme I’m referring to in the original version by William Shakespeare is they saw each other at the ball and CLICK! Just like magic Romeo fell in love. It’s like a love potion. Also the chemical Juliet drank is a part of the F-Theme. In the anime, there were unicorns. The Neo Verona is even floating in the sky! There’s also Escalus and the tree.

The story, even though they retain the part of dispute between the two families, offer new explanations and outcomes.

Okay. Here comes the SPOILERS.

Neo Verona , before was ruled by two families. The Montague were portrayed as the bad family who eradicated the Capulet with Juliet living as the sole survivor. The Montague reign over Neo Verona and the people were oppressed and many were killed for the sake of finding Juliet. Not knowing anything about being a Capulet, she became a symbol of rebellion for the people as Crimson Whirlwind.

Then they met. Romeo saved her when she fell. It was like the world just became beautiful when they saw each other. You know, the slow-mo thing you see, with the feathers and stuff. But this one is kind of fast forwarded.
Great, huh? The only catch is, Romeo thinks she’s a he.

Oh. God. Really when they look at each other it’s so kilig!

Then they met again. Juliet was forced by a friend actress to go to the Rose Ball, a ball for nobles, coz she’s afraid of being alone, being the girl she is. So Odin, Juliet’s name when he’s a guy, had no choice but to go. Then fate takes over.

Aside from the conflict of their families and duty, there’s something else that made this series very different from the usual. Well, that and the fact that there’s no chemical thingy scene!

The conflict that I was talking about is very original and it really made me cry. It gave the Romeo and Juliet story a whole new identity.

I just remembered that I say it’s disappointing. Let me tell you why. The fight scene was not what I expected. Really! I thought they were fighting because of the conflict between their families not because…

But still. It was great. It deserves a 9.8/10

CHARACTERS. They have WLLIAM SHAKESPEARE as a character! How cool is that!? And the names were used but the roles were different. There were also new characters which added to the greatness of the show.

Each major and even minor character was given a depth. They were not what they seem to be. They are much more complicated and through out the whole series you could see that and you could see them being unlocked.

Score: 9/10

ART. Honestly, I thought that Juliet looks ugly. I mean, I saw her first in her guy costume. What do you expect?

But now, I think she’s beautiful and the other characters were all good looking except for some others. (Ex. Conrad, Lord Montague, and Willy!)

I think I already said it. But the parts were Romeo and Juliet were together, the art, the situation, how they meet, the surroundings, just everything were perfect. It was like a movie or fairy tale every time they see each other. Seriously!

Score: 8/10. Though it’s really good, the manga’s better.

SOUNDTRACK. This is definitely great. The song You Raise me Up by Lena Park is still stuck to my head right this moment! 9/10!

Romeo X Juliet brings the story of the two star crossed lovers to a whole new level. Everything is almost different. The love, the pain, the hope are the  things that didn’t change. The story doesn’t just focused on love but also on duty, honor, the society we live in and the consequences it brings. It’s brilliant. Seriously. And it… it was so heartbreaking, so original in its own way. Just… it’s amazing. I love it. With this I don’t even know if I’d given it justice. It’s… just so sweet and romantic. So beautiful. I… I fell like love is real. Over all: 9.8/10

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