Ai no Kotodama

Ai no Kotodama
Ai no Kotodama
Alternative Title
Synonym: Words of Devotion

Other information
Genre: Drama, Romance

Hidenori Tokuyama as Ootani Shinya
Yasuka Saitoh as Tachibana Miyako


Ootani and Tachibana have been inseparable since high school. Now that they’re in college, they live together, they’re happy and everything seems prefect. But their little world is disrupted when they meet an old high school friend, Yuki, who seems to have a crush on Tachibana, making Ootani feel jealous and insecure. Will Tachibana really choose him over a pretty girl?


I got my internet back!! I decided to watch this film coz I accidentally saw it once on Youtube. I didn’t know there’s a lot of  BL Films… Really surprising. Anyway, this looked like a good film in the trailer so I checked it out. 

Here goes. STORY. It’s okay. No that good cause it’s really typical.  A couple having a fight coz the other person’s ex appeared on the picture. The differences are: SPOILERS!! Just highlight it. Well, except from the couple being two guys, the girl actually likes the other guy not her ex. And that other guy is getting all worked up… for nothing!

But this film actually made me all kilig inside, I mean, I can’t help but smile and feel kinda excited throughout the whole film. It’s okay but you should just watch it online rather than buying it. Score: 7/10.

Okay, for CHARACTERS. I love both characters. Tachibana is like the care free one, the guy who looks like he can’t feel insecure. He’s like a child though both he, and Ootani says that Ootani is the li’l kid. Anyway, Ootani is the grouchy but insecure guy. And he looks really cute when he’s being sweet. There were a lot of supporting characters but they just disappears. I like Yuki, even though she’s not actually cute. Score: 8/10.

FILM. Throughout the film, the soundtrack is this lonely sounding piano piece. It’s annoying. But aside from that the film is okay. You know how the Japanese are. They have this slice of life always. Anywhere. No offence to any Japanese out there but, I think emo originated from them. Seriously. and Sorry. Anyway, it was okay. Just all this polite weirdness. I think I’m the weird one. I’ve seen a lot of Japanese Films or dramas but I’m still not use to it. Back to the film, it was okay. not that good acting. Slow pace and definitely many filler scenes. 

OVER ALL: 7.5/10

I love Ootani though! I’m going to listen to his songs now. And also, Saitoh is in Takumi-kun series. Another BL Live action. I’m planning on watching it sometime! Next time!

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