My 10 Favorite Live Actions Ctd: Meteor Garden

Meteor Garden
Meteor Garden
Alternative Title
Title: 流星花園 / Liu Xing Hua Yuan
English title: Meteor Garden

Other information
Broadcast network: CTS
Related shows: Hana Yori Dango, Meteor Rain, Boys Before Flowers, Liu Xing Yu
Episodes: 20
Broadcast period: 2001-Apr-21
Opening theme song: Qing Fei De Yi (情非得已) by Harlem Yu
Ending theme song: Ni Yao De Ai (你要的愛) by Penny Tai (戴佩妮)

Barbie Xu as Shan Cai
Jerry Yan as Dao Ming Si
Vic Zhou as Hua Ze Lei
Ken Zhu as Xi Men
Vanness Wu as Mei Zuo


Shan Cai,whose parents are far from wealthy, attends Ying De University, the private school established exclusively for rich students. Besides being looked down by rich classmates, she has angered the leader of F4, Dao Ming Si. F4 comprises of Dao Ming Si, Hua Ze Lei, Xi Men, and Mei Zuo, who are the heirs to the four richest families. Their families are the founder of the school and nobody dares to cross them. Shan Cai isn’t afraid to stand up to DMS, an act that nobody has done before, and sparks Dao Ming Si’s interest in her. However, his constant torture of her has made her miserable while she falls in love with the gentle Hua Ze Lei, who comes to her rescue. Can Dao Ming Si win her love despite his cold and cruel exterior? What happens when his mother decides to use every trick there is to keep them apart? Can they adjust to each other’s differences due to their vastly incompatible social status?

Its been YEARS since I saw this series and I can still remember most of what happened. Actually, when I was watching Boys Before flowers, I was comparing the two. I know, I shouldn’t. But I couldn’t help but do. So, Ill try my best to write all the things I thought about it. Just a random trivia, I was in Elementary when I first saw this. I’m in my third year in High School now.
STORY. THE SERIES ITSELF. I love it. Seriously. It’s my first Asianovela. It got me hooked into Asian Dramas and became the starting point of my obsession. This series brought the TV Shows in Pinas to a whole new level. Everybody, from kids to grandmas watch it. And honestly, without it, I wouldn’t be in love with Yamapi or Joe Cheng or Wu Chun, right now. The characters were just awesome and the story is very original. It’s funny, the soundtrack is full of really good songs and what else can I say? It made me forget about going out and playing patintero!
Ok. I think that this part is actually not about the story so I’ll just change it and put them all together.
Now. On with the review.
 It’s not that original in the sense that an arrogant guy fell in love with a girl who stands up to him and the difference in status thing. But on the other things, it’s definitely different. There’s been two other adaptations of the manga where this series came from, and out of all of them, I really like this best. I can’t really put it into words. But it’s like this. Meteor Garden, made me really, really involve with it. I mean, just like in It Started with A Kiss, it made me run away from my house if something bad is happening or it made me want to smash our antique TV. It made me feel really excited and kilig.
Since I can’t fully describe why I like it better, I’ll just do this review without fully explaining it. Sorry!
The actors and actresses are really good. Especially Barbie Xu and the members of F4. Like with the others that I love, I felt really involve in them. They fit their roles perfectly. They definitely deserve a 10/10.
I really like Dao’s puppy like attitude and arrogance. Also his stupidity in English is so funny. What made him more interesting is he dance when his happy. And you SHOULD really see his dance. Lastly, he’s very sweet and romantic!
Lei is also a very lovable character. He’s the gentleman, romantic, silent type of  guy who really is the opposite in many ways of Dao. I personally think that the things they have in common are MONEY, TASTE IN WOMEN and HOTNESS!
Sanchai is definitely one of the best character ever! She’s tough, yet she’s fragile. She is a girl who I look up too.
Ximen and  are really funny too and womanizers. They both are good friends to the other two.
Sanchai’s family is very, very funny. They were really nervous around Dao and they sure love money!
There were a lot of funny scenes in the series and sad parts too. The one part I can’t forget is this:
Dao was in Sanchai’s house. Don’t know why. But Sanchai was saying Go away or something like that. Then her mother who’s holding a prying pan hit her with it.  Sanchai was complaing saying stuff like Mom, that thing has oil! The her mother said, So what? Treat it like a free conditioner!
Hahah! :))
Okay, you probably didn’t find it funny but if you watched it. You would. I’m not just a good story teller.
Anyway, basically it’s about the characters proving their love and overcoming challenges constructed by the society we live in, the insecurities we have in our hearts, the friendship that would probably last for a long time and those moments where we wish we could go back! This Live Action started everything for me and it’s definitely one of the best!
STORY: 9/10


4 thoughts on “My 10 Favorite Live Actions Ctd: Meteor Garden

  1. Aaaaaahhh Meteor Garden ❤ A classic.
    I think no matter how many series I'll watch, this one will always remain close to my heart^^

    1. I know. I know. It was the beginning of a whole new life for me… at least my tv life. But it was really great. I was so hooked that I have posters and fans and stuff with their pics. My sister even bought a pack of Pepsi to get their CD of Ask For More!

  2. ^lol I know the feeling. Begging for stores to sell me their not-for-sale F4 posters, CHECK. Queuing up to buy their CD on release, CHECK. And back then, box sets were impossibly difficult to track down where I live & even more impossibly expensive. I think I paid well over 100 big ones for the MG box set. All in the name of Hua Ze Lei fandom ^^;;

    1. haha. i know. i know. i had to go to these really weird places early just to buy some posters! but i never got to buy dvds. i was young then and i wasn’t as resourceful as i am now! haha. but wow. you’re obsessed! haha. that’s ok though. it was really great!

      oh, where do you live?

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