Oh. God. It’s been a while

I know, I’m probably exaggerating. I mean I used the computer just the day before yesterday, but it feels like I’ve been deprived  os=f computers for a month. SO I’m kinda happy that I’m back. Anyway, what made me lost a day in the Internet World is definitely worth it! I watched 17 Again, the one with Zac Efron! And my God, he’s hot! 

I know it’s a little weird if I place a review here about it so, I won’t. But if you think about it. They have a connection you know? I mean, Zac is being considered or something for Full Metal Panic right? Anyway, if you want a review go to this site: Querida. Or just look around wordpress. Try anything. Sorry. 

That’s it. I’ll be updating some things I can update. But I think I won’t be able to do many things. My brother made me sign up in tumblr. It’s a blog thing too. 



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