Anime and Manga Sites…Hmm. Actually, mostly Manga.

Here are some sites where you can read manga and watch anime. Of course, I know, many people probably know more than I do, but what the heck?! Right?

Manga Fox This is a really good site for reading Manga. they have a lot of manga and the forums are really helpful.

One Manga Good to use if you want the pics to appear more quickly. It loads real quick than Manga Fox. but less manga

Anime A Some licensed manga can be read here. Manga Fox and One Manga looks better in terms of layout but this site is pretty useful.

Zenmanga Suggested by someone. Haven’t tried it yet since my internet is so slow, I’d rather die than wait for a manga page to appear. Anyway, they have this Manga Shelf where you can place or keep track of the manga you are reading, want to read, and stuff like that.

Manga Volume Haven’t tried it either. 

Bleach Exile – Pretty useful. When I can’t find a particular manga in Manga Fox, I tried here and saw it. Pretty slow but I’m not sure if its the sites fault of my internet connection.

Here are some anime sites to watch anime:

ZOMGAnime – There’s a lot of sites but this is what I mainly use. No virus, easy to use. 

Anime Fushigi – Suggested by a clubmate. Haven’t tried it yet but will soon do.

I’ll update this soon.


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