Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLES Chapter 219

Yay!!! Tsubasa 219 is here!!!! Yeah!

Wait. If you haven’t read it… there are spoilers here, okay??!

Okay, first, the appearance of Yuuko. Finally! I’ve been worried about her since she’s not in xxxholic or in the other TRC chapters. I wonder what she meant with “Clow gave it to him, himself…” or something like that. Does that mean that the story of Card Captor Sakura really relates to TRC? Maybe it’s a sequel or something? Or maybe I’m just too imaginative? Also, Yuuko asked the Clone Syaoran to choose. Hmm. I think that’s second. The Clones are STILL alive? Whoa! Too many Sakuras and Syaorans! My head is already spinning. Well, I guess it’s just right that they’re alive, after all, both First and Second season of TRC, they are the protagonists. 

So, what happened in this chapter is the Syaorans and Sakuras were attacked by Fei Wong Reed. They are alive only because of Clow Reed’s magic that was passed on to Syaoran Daddy. Then Yuuko was shown. She said that yeah, it was given to him by Clow himself then the Clones were shown too. They are with Yuuko in a dream. Sakura is, again, unconscious. Seriously, that Clone is always asleep or unconscious!! Anyway, they were asked to choose… About what?!

The story is still confusing. Arg!

The characters are confusing too!

The art is definitely not CLAMP like. I already said this in my review of one of the previous chapters in my old blog, meinliebe. The drawing is getting ugly. Just look at the first page of this chapter!

Anyway, if you want to read it, check out Manga Fox.

2 thoughts on “Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLES Chapter 219

    1. wow! someone wrote a comment!! yay!!!

      sorry. I’m actually just starting and well, you gave a comment so thanks!

      and a big thanks for the website you recommended. I’ve been looking for other sites like that so…

      about tsubasa… I hope they’ll start explaining things soon! I’m really really excited and confused with some stuff and I’ve been reading a lot of publishing manga so it’s frustrating…

      anyway, do you have any theories with what’s going to happen? I would really like to hear them.

      thanks again!

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